October 13 – God and family

14 Oct

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Wow, I can hardly remember what happened this past week. But it’s been pretty good 🙂

This week I again had another confirmation that members are key to this work (after all, missionaries are here to help the members with their missionary work) but some cool things happened this week.

First, remember C? I’m pretty sure I mentioned him before. He’s the guy that has had kinda a rough past and is working changing some things in his life. Well, we went there with a member this week. It was amazing because they just clicked. Not that they are the same age or even have the same interests but because they could relate to each other. She (the member) was really able to talk to C and help him realize he really wants/needs to make these changes. Also, C prayed more this week and it was wonderful! And he was just so willing to start and say the first prayer. Pretty cool. We are excited.

Also, same day we had a neat experience with a less active. We have been trying to get into the door of this one family. We went before and she made up an excuse to not let us in. We went again this week and we had a member with us. At first, she saw us and was like, “You know, you always come at a bad time. Don’t you know that…” and then she saw the member and was like, “Oh Pat! Hey. Well… come on in.” By the end of it we found out all about her and we set up a time to come help her with some service she needs. She was like, “And you might as well come for dinner too!” Haha it was perfect. And all thanks to our members 🙂

I love these experiences. Good and bad. Although, I can’t really remember the bad ones that well. It just is wonderful. I love it, every minute of being a servant of Jesus Christ. I can’t wait to continue to serve these people and learn more from all of these experiences. Thank you for your love and prayers.

Also, I loved this talk. It’s so simple these steps. And yet I have a renowned love and understanding of these principles. If you have time to read it go for it, if not check out the little video highlight on the right side of the page. https://www.lds.org/general-conference/2014/10/make-the-exercise-of-faith-your-first-priority?lang=eng

Hope that works.

Okay, I love you! Happy Thanksgiving 😀 Two things I am grateful for all year round, God and family 🙂

Hermana Godfrey 🙂


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