October 6 – Just in case they kick us off the computers…

6 Oct

Here is a little excerpt that I sent to President Patrick. I’m not sure if I will have time to elaborate. But here is at least this! 🙂

This was seriously a week of miracles!! It is just so amazing to see how Heavenly Father works! We have just found so many more investigators- 4 from Croatia and we already have 2 and there is so much potential. We also have a great investigator, H, she is the girlfriend of a less active (but investigating for the right reasons) and she came to conference this weekend and when we asked her how she liked it she told us about how she loved that they (the Prophet and leaders) said they were learning too and learning from us too. She said she felt like sharing the things she learnt with others and when we told her it was the Holy Ghost she kinda teared up and said, “Yeah, I thought so”. Wow. Just so amazing. Honestly, I am so grateful to Heavenly Father for allowing me to see and be a part of these miracles in His work.

Love you all!

Okay, so far so good. They haven’t kicked us off 🙂 The computers at the church have a different internet thing and weren’t working today so we had to go to a store… and pray that we would haven sufficient time before they say anything haha.

Croatia. Seriously, milagros!!!! We have been teaching this one family (more the Mom than anyone). She is the one with two boys, R and V (V has cancer). The boys are sooooo cute and absolutely wonderful! R is so happy and excited to see us and T (V’s nickname) is so strong. I love when I can make T laugh- it feels like the best thing in the world. Well, R (mom) progressed so much in the gospel this week. We had one lesson with her and she had these questions and we didn’t have enough time to answer all of them. So we gave her some homework to read and find out the answers. Her questions? One, what does the Book of Mormon say about the apocalypse? And two, what happens after this life? Wow. And guess what?! We came back the next day and she had read ALL of the Plan of Salvation and ALL of the scriptures that were in the Book of Mormon (she didn’t have a Bible) and even more than what it asked!!! And then we started that lesson with having her tell her father (her parents live with her but only speak Croatian) how to pray and we invited him to say the opening prayer. Well, he did. And we looked up and saw both of them with tears in their eyes. He had said a beautiful and powerful prayer. We could feel it too. They just cried with the feelings of the spirit for a moment. Well, we knew that we had to teach him too. So Sister Alvarez spent the time looking up different articles in Croatian on their phone and sharing with him while I talked with R (mom) about the Plan of Salvation. Well, it was just amazing! R (mom) just explained the entire Plan of Salvation to me and it was perfect and she really understood it too. She told me of times she has felt the Holy Ghost in her life.

Now the story doesn’t end here. It just gets better haha.

So N, she is a friend of R. She was there with us for one of her lessons once and we shared the video “Because of Him” with them. N really felt the Spirit too. We were so excited and happy to teach her too. But we got the wrong apartment number and didn’t find her. But the other day she got a cell phone and she showed up at the end of the lesson. We invited her to conference the next day but things happened that she couldn’t. However, she called us up and she was like (in her broken english- she’s awesome) “I need to see you.” She said she wanted us to teach her. So we went there that night. R came with us. And it was great because we got there and asked if we could start with a prayer. Well, N gathered her family to come for the prayer (we weren’t really expecting that), there was her brother, her brother’s girlfriend and the girlfriend’s mom/family friend. Well, we taught all of them. R interpreted for us. But even more that than R shared her experience with all of them from the beginning of her journey in the gospel and defended the church and was just like, “and if you are willing, they will teach you too”. When we asked them if they would be baptized by someone who holds priesthood authority of God if they came to find out that these things are true, they said yes. And N, she was like, “Well, yes. Of course.” Oh yeah, and N was like, “Yeah! I felt it (the Spirit) too already!”.

Whoa. And where they live there are so many people from Croatia. It is just exploding with potential. So we are going to try and pick up a little Croatian too (I’m still working on Spanish too haha) and we have a member (actually it’s Brother J) who speaks Croatian and is more than willing to help us out with that. We are just so excited!

Okay, and one last quick story because it’ s one of my favourites from this week 🙂

We have an investigator, H. She is dating one of the members and she really wants to find out for herself what we are all about haha. She’s seriously super amazing. I love teaching her and getting to know her more! Anyways, we invited her to general conference this weekend and she ended up coming to the last session! It was awesome! She was right there taking notes. Haha she said she felt a little weird when they addressed specifically those who were not members of the church (but I think it really helped her too). But one of the things I loved most that she said was that none of them considered themselves better than the rest. Sorry just got kicked off. Well, enjoy! Love you all 😀 Life is beautiful 🙂

Hermana Godfrey


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