September 29 – Cat bites and inspiration

30 Sep

My dearest family, this has been a good week. And kinda crazy too haha. This past Thursday we had the opportunity to go teach a Mother and her daughter (ysa age) who are starting/trying to come back to church. They are pretty neat and it was great to be there. We wanted to get to know them more and really understand what goals and struggles they had and really just where they saw themselves in the gospel of Jesus Christ. We got to know them but I couldn’t think of what to say that would really help them and touch them. Well, side story… they have a cat. And they said he wasn’t the nicest. Anyways, the cat was doing its own thing but then it came closer to us. They were a bit hesitant but the cat wasn’t doing anything bad so we went on. Haha so it decided to jump up to the couch we were on and walk over Sister Alvarez and then over to me. It was fine. I didn’t even try to pet it or touch it but carried on as normal. Then it started to like purr or whatever and after two seconds out of nowhere it just bit my hand! Hmmm… I was writing the story out in more detail but it sounded a bit intense haha so I’ve decided to just tell you that I got bit by a cat. They cleaned me all up and it was good. But best part, because of the incident (at least right after the incident) I was sitting back on the couch and thinking about it. And I knew that this directly linked with the atonement. We clearly knew that we needed to testify of Jesus Christ. It was so neat to see that through that anology the spirit worked and touched them. It was really neat. And the Mom came to women’s conference and church this past week!

(About the bite, We put polysporin and stuff on it and cleaned it out again and again. But then the next day it was worse and my hand swollen. So Sister Patrick (mission President’s wife- who is soooooo awesome) found out a bit more about cat bites and decided I should go to the hospital. It was a long night at the hospital (but miraculously fast at the same time) and now I have antibiotics. So I guess I also got my injury story of the mission!)

Okay and also, we found some other cool people who are interested in learning about the gospel of Jesus Christ. First is I. She is really neat and they are such a beautiful family! There is I, the mother and her two daughters (18 and 7). The one daughter is a member because her aunt (I’s sister) took her to church when she was younger and the other daughter is starting to come to church. Well, they want the youngest daughter to start taking the lessons to prepare her for her baptism because that’s what she wants. Her birthday isn’t until June but it is such a great opportunity to teach them as a family. The Mom was taught for a little bit before by the missionaries and had a good spiritual experience about the Book of Mormon. She says she is too busy with work though right now but talks as if one day she will be a member. But. We had a powerful lesson about the Book of Mormon and it was so wonderful because the one daughter bore her testimony to her mother and it was just great. The Mom seems ready, ready to learn more about the restored gospel. And they like us too haha! So we are going to continue teaching them 🙂

And also, C. One day we were in the car and Sister Alvarez saw this man on the sidewalk and was like, “I feel we should go talk to him”. So we did. He is overcoming some addictions but really wants to change his life around and said that maybe this was an answer to his prayers. Anyhow, we went there with his Mom (the power of a mothers prayer! whoa. never understood but wow. prayers are powerful) and taught him a lesson. He is hilarious! He’s got some important and hard things to change in his life but we know that it is more than possible- one step at a time and through the power and strength of the atonement of Jesus Christ. Like, he had a drink and wanted to smoke but when we asked him if he could wait until we were gone he was like, “oh. yeah, no problem” and then just put it away. It was actually really cool. He really has so much potential. And he lives in this area a bit farther away in our sector and we are super excited to get to work in that area more (there is a less active family there too).

I just love this gospel. I love the work. I wish I could just tell you every single miracle. Because there are so many. So many. I feel so blessed to be a part of this work. It was such a powerful, spiritually filled and inspiring week! (We even had a seventy come- Elder and Sister Carlson. Super awesome). Sister Alvarez and I are just pumped to keep working here. Like seriously, I can’t wait for the things we have planned today and the lessons we have set up. And the best part, I use to stress over when we had empty schedules or our lessons would fall through. I would be like, “Darn. What are we going to do now?” Not that we never found where we needed to be. But now, it’s like, “Okay, cool. Well, where does Heavenly Father want us to be?” And then we pray and every single time, GOD PROVIDES! It is so amazing! We are truly in His hands and it feels perfect 🙂

I love you and pray for you. I hope you have an AMAZING week! You are wonderful 🙂

Hermana Godfrey 🙂

I was just watching this mormon message. I like the message. Thought i’d share 🙂


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