September 22 – Scottish Day y Arepas

22 Sep

Happy Monday! This has been a pretty fun week. And I know I say miracles every week, but there are just so many! And this week, like, seriously it was just crazy. It was just like Bam! Miracles, miracles. Sooooo let me share with you my first week in LaSalle.

First, my companion is Sister Alvarez. She is from Colombia. (I love Colombia- like so much. It’s pretty ridiculous because I don’t know that much haha but just throughout my mission- Colombia.) She moved to Canada and moved back and forth from Colombia and Canada. But now her family is living in Calgary! So pretty cool. She is super funny and it’s a lot of fun to serve together. We have some visions/goals for this transfer and I’m excited to fulfill them!

Okay, I don’t even know where to start. Reunion de distrito. It was such a great way to start off the week (cause transfers are Wednesdays). The spirit was so strong as we shared insights and then did a role play teaching. Sister Alvarez and I were the ones teaching and it was cool because we were just bold but so loving and everyone felt the spirit. It really inspired us and set the tone of the week of miracles. After we went to Walmart (oh, got a car now- so weird. so great. so fast and effective. like it.) to get chalk to do the plan of salvation on the sidewalk for an activity (I thought of you Dad when you said you did it in Japan- at least I’m pretty sure). Anyways, we were there and Sister Alvarez recognized someone she knew the family from before the mission (she told me afterwards). It turned out to be a long lost less active member. She is so cool. It was weird because she knew a lot about Mormons (little did we know, well, I know haha). She was like, “Are you going to try to to make me Mormon? Cause it’s not going to work.” Haha. Well, we ended up visiting her yesterday. She has the cutest kids and she really doesn’t care for it right now. She is really open and super kind. We want to get to know her more and just kind of be there for her and her family. We are going to make them Arepas (Colombian food which I know how to make now) on Wednesday and have a picnic at the park with them.

Then, we were in the line at the check out and a father and son look over and are like, “Are you Mormons?” We were like, “Yeah! Yes we are!”. Haha they are great. Turned out to be Scottish Independence Day and they were going to play bagpipes (First time celebrating my scottish heritage like that! It felt super good!). So I asked him if he could play ‘Amazing Grace’ because that would be the coolest thing to hear on bagpipes. He could (the son). As well as Nearer My God to Thee and Lady Gaga. Haha it was really neat. So we asked if we could come join them at the park. Wow. What a cool experience, listening to bagpipes, violin and sharing our testimonies and beliefs about God and the Plan of Salvation. It was just beautiful. Everyone shared and I know that our message will fill their lives and make sense to them. I really hope we can continue to share that with them.

There are so many more amazing and wonderful experiences that happened and I would love to share them. It felt that miracle after miracle happened this week. I’d like to share my testimony. It’s been really amazing to see how my own testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ has grown throughout my mission. I don’t feel that I have grown in some crazy new and different radical aspect of the gospel. But rather, that I feel my testimony has grown deeper, expanded in the teachings of our Saviour and it continues to do so everyday. I know that Heavenly Father is our loving Heavenly Father, that He has a plan for us. I know that we lived as spirit children of our Heavenly Father before this life, that we grew in knowledge and personality and that we are sent here as a part of God’s plan- to learn, to grow, to receive a body and to prepare to meet God. And I know that death is not the final step, that we will one day be resurrected and have the opportunity to return to live with God, our Father, His son Jesus Christ and our families forever- in perfect peace, in perfect happiness and in perfect love. And I know that that is all possible gracias a Jesucristo. It’s beautiful, it’s perfect 🙂 I am grateful that every day I can continue to learn and learn from my mistakes and feel the love of God in my life. And I love and cherish having the opportunity to share that with others and allow them to see how it will change their lives as well.

I hope you all have an amazing week! I love you. Thanks for being amazing examples to me. Keep it up! And let me know of the miracles and tender mercies that happen to you and those lives you touch.

Hermana Godfrey 🙂

P.S. not enough time for photoos. But just know that I love you!


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