September 15 – el evangelio

15 Sep

Okay, let me tell you some really good stuff that happened this week. Like super good. First, Hermano E was baptized and confirmed this past weekend!!! It was super cool and such a great experience! He is just so ready for the gospel and it was so natural too (like he was just ready for it- really ready). He is doing great and I am sure he will continue to progress in the future just as well. The members really reach out to him and he is in good hands. It was for sure the hightlight 🙂

Also, we had a big miracle with one of our less active youth, M (the one who had his birthday the other week). He is kinda in a hard situtation right now with some things. He is a great young man but has just been missing in action at church for quite some time. But we really made the effort to go out and make contact with him several times a week. He came to mutual, the baptism and church this week! And even read a chapter of the Book of Mormon by himself! So incredible!

Guess what!? I got transfered. It was kinda a shock for me since I thought I’d stay here. But I guess Heavenly Father needs me elsewhere. I will be going to the LaSalle ward. It’s actually in my old stake, just further south. I love Zarahemla. The members and people we work with are so warm and just full of life and especially love. They have taught me a lot and I hope that I have been able to help them feel more of God’s love and brought them closer to our Saviour. There will be two other Sisters coming in and I know they will do an amazing job. It’s kinda sad to leave, but I am also excited to work with the people in LaSalle. It will also be neat because I will have the opportunity to work more with a lot of the other Sister missionaries. It will be great to learn and grow with them too. I can’t wait to keep serving as a representative of Jesus Christ 🙂

Love you all and have a great week!

Hermana Godfrey 🙂

sorry out of time to send pictures… next week. and they will be fantastic!


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