September 2 -Re: John 1:6-7, Joseph Smith translation- put your name in it

2 Sep

What an awesome week. Seriously. I loved it. Haha I feel so cheesy starting off the same way as usual but seriously, get ready for some miracles 🙂

We had a great opportunity to help out one of our less actives, A (la hija- it gets so confusing because her Mom’s name is A too. And usually in prayers when they are both together I end up saying A like 20 times and probably they don’t have a clue which one I’m talking about). Her Mom recently got baptized and in the beginning it was really just saying hello to her A (hija) when she was at her Mom`s. We would sometimes go and see her by herself and drop by but her desire to really listen wasn`t there. Plus, A`s husband was also really against religion in general and would never really even say hi to us. And usually crack jokes or something. Haha.

But through service things are changing and keep changing for the good! It was A`s husband`s (S) birthday and she called us to ask us to help her do a surprise birthday party. It was pretty fun making tacitos and pastalitos with her and her Mom. That food is SO good. But SO not good for you (tons of grease and carbs, anyhow…). We decorated, cleaned her place and it was all ready. When S came in with a few of his friends who were with him he was pretty happy. He even invited us to stay and eat cake with them (we didn`t because the friends had also brought beer but his sincere desire was super nice). And while we were cleaning and stuff we put on some mormon messages on his laptop. I told him that we saved him some mormon messages for him to watch later haha. He just laughed and said thanks. Haha he’s a funny guy. And A is becoming alot more receptive to the gospel and we are able to teach her more and she is super open with us now. Like, she really and sincerely likes us. Plus, she has the second cutest baby in the world (Eliza’s first obviously) and he ALWAYS laughs and smiles when he sees me. It`s amazing what the spirit of service and love can do 😀

Haha!  This is how our surprise birthday party was transported to A's house. Also, the tacitos fell on the bus... that was fun!

Haha! This is how our surprise birthday party was transported to A’s house. Also, the tacitos fell on the bus… that was fun!

E is coming along. He is doing super great and we had a really cool spiritual lesson with him and 6 other members! One of the Sisters in the ward (she is like in her 70s and she is always willing to come out with us and loves it. When we onced asked her what her favourite thing to do was she was like, “To be with my family.” and then she added, “And also come out with the missionaries”. That will be me.) invited Sister Ruiz and I over to eat paposa and she invited a young man who is going on his mission, his Mom, her son and daughter in law and E! We talked about temples and family history work. The spirit was so strong. So strong. Everyone was just testifying and sharing the blessings they have received from the temple. Wow. Tonight E is giving the lesson at an FHE on baptism.

This family is so awesome. La familia Pina (it means pineapple!). Such great members. We played a gospel game for FHE!

This family is so awesome. La familia Pina (it means pineapple!). Such great members. We played a gospel game for FHE!

This work is just super exciting. We are doing a lot better on finding and been having some success so we shall see where that continues to go this week. I am loving it. Of course there are the difficulties but everytime I need a little extra something, as I turn to the Lord, open up my heart, I am always filled. It’s amazing to see how that is done in so many ways. Sometimes, it’s in a scripture, sometimes just the peace you feel when you really pray to God, sometimes it’s answered in an email of love and encouragement, sometimes its seeing little kids do something funny or just in the kind actions of a companion. But always, always His love is there.

I am so grateful and love having a song or prayer in my heart. It fills me with light and happiness. I know our Father lives and loves me too. I know that He loves all of His children and wants us to become more like Him every day in our “eternal journey of the soul”.

I love each and every one of you. Thank you for your prayers and examples. You are incredible and I can’t wait to hear how the Lord touched your lives and helped you reach out to someone around you. Have a great week! Remember who you are and always remember to look up 🙂

 Just me and my sunbreo.  P.S. I love you!

Just me and my sunbreo. P.S. I love you!

Hermana Godfrey 🙂


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