August 4 – 4 Nephi 1: 15-17

4 Aug

familia 🙂 so I don’t have too much time at the moment so it’s probably going to be a shorter one. But I do have photos! (note from the editor: photos never came)

I am becoming so Latina!! Haha I love it. Don’t worry, I am and will forever be 100% Canadian but my spirit is pretty duel citizen. Well, actually it’s probably just a big mix of every Latino country! Which is fine by me 🙂 some days I just want to wear a poncho and sombrero!

This week amongst the miracles I learned how to make sopas, arroz con leche and how to roll my r’s a little bit more. Pretty successful. The other day we had just finished a fast and about to go into a member’s home. In my prayer for some reason I just had this desire to pray that there would be arroz con leche but I thought that was a little juvenile so I didn’t. But then we go in and low and behold she pulls out some arroz con leche and was like, help yourselves! I pretty much died happy.

So now that I have about 3 minutes left let me tell you some more civilized miracles. Actually super cool. The other day we had finished up planning for the week and headed off to a recent convert’s house, A. She had just moved so we helped with organizing and all. Then we sat down for a lesson. She had been reading in 2 Nephi and was like, I’ve been wondering, why do we have Isaiah in here? I was so excited because I had been studying this this past week (it takes me a while to get through a chapter in Spanish cause I got to look up a bunch of stuff and then I am also looking up other scriptures to help me). I was like, I know! We turned to 2 Nephi 6. I explained how Nephi had just consecrated and set apart Jose and Jacob as teachers and priests. Then we read verses one to 5. As she read she was like, wow! It makes sense. She said she thought they made a mistake by having it in here. She then looked at me and was like, The Book of Mormon is true. It’s all true. Oh how beautiful that was. I teared up a bit too. The gospel is true. It’s all true.

I love you. Thank you so much. Especially this past week for your responses. That helps me so much. Thank you. Have a fantastic and wonderfully adventurous week!

Hermana Godfrey 🙂


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