July 28

28 Jul

We had some pretty spectacular things this week! And I have all these photos from them haha but I forgot the adapter. Next week will just be pictures! 😀

This past week was the birthday of a recent convert, A. She works like crazy and does everything for her family. She is just the sweetest and most optimistic person despite circumstances! Such a great example to me. So we decided to do a birthday surprise for her! We had her daughter in on it too. We went to her place (with her two crazy and adorable chihuahuas- which one of them always trys to attack me if I try and pet her. We are working on our relationship. But she’s not the happiest with others too. So I’m not too offended.), got a cake, birthday sign, sparklers and 40 ballons. She walked in and we started singing to her. She was so happy! And surprised too! Haha it was great. I am so grateful we were able to make her birthday special 🙂

And this past weekend we did some moving! It more turned out that the Elders helped with the actual moving and Sister Ruiz and I organized everything which was pretty fun setting up her room and the baby’s. What was really neat about it is that it was a less active member and her husband isn’t a member. He was actually against the church. Probably church in general. And at the beginnning when we started to go see the Sister he would have nothing to do with us. But! As we have been serving this family his attitude is changing too. From baking them cookies, helping A2 out with some things as she is a new mother, helping them pack and especially with the move. He sat down with us to eat once. And even said Amen at one of the prayers from the move. He has a long way to go but he is a good guy and it’s neat to see people change little by little 🙂

And then we had this super duper awesome ward activity! Which is just amazing because there hasn’t really been an activity for awhile, at least one where all the members come. But we had a picnic out at a park. We’ve been planning this for awhile. And so many people came! Like at least 50. We had members, less active members, investigators and a lot of friends that the members brought! We had food and three-legged soccer and real soccer and just a great time. It was super successful! Everyone had a great time. And we got a lot of potential people that we are going to visit. Super awesome. And! It was the best language study ever too! Haha. I actually felt pretty comfortable. Half the time I had no idea what was going on (and some people’s accents are pretty hard too) but I was able to connect with them more and even was able to help out a lot getting everyone excited to play soccer- in spanish! Pretty exciting. And Hermano E was there and had a lot of fun. He came again to church and he wants to attend the single adult conference coming up! Haha it’s great the work of the Lord 🙂

I love you all. Thank you so much for everything you do! I hope you have an awesome week! Go shine your light for the world!

Hermana Godfrey 🙂


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