July 21 – Futbol!

21 Jul

Familia!!!! Guess what?!?! We had a pretty good week! It all started with an AWESOME FHE with the familia A and all of their family plus their cousin (also a returning member) was there, altogether at the same time (milagro!)! We went in and our lesson just was shaped and put together to exactly what they needed (even including the song they chose). The spirit was there and every single one of them particpated. And then we played a fun game too at the end and everyone just had a great time. So coool. Like I wish you could have been there. I wrote that night in my journal (which I am doing so much better at this past week) that it was probably one of the best things|miracles that has happened in this area since I`ve been here. I just felt like I could connect with them too (which isn`t the easiest thing when you don`t speak the same language – but this time Heavenly Father just helped and strengthened me, including giving me confidence to reach out to one of them that needed it). You know its so cool and kinda crazy. But all these things are done to strengthen the kingdom of God. Like, I would never be able to obtain that strength or spanish skills (yeah, I would be able to learn but not like I am now) if it were for myself. To be honest, near the beginning of being transfered to Spanish I was like “Sweet now I can practice this and get really good at it” which is completely true but my desires were probably more along the lines of thinking how cool it would be to know spanish and not as much to bless the lives of Heavenly Fathers children. But, thankfully, Heavenly Father awoke me to understanding why I truly need to learn Spanish. And it is so much more fun too! Like, the complete 100% reason I want to learn Spanish is because I want to be able to reach out to one of Heavenly Fathers children and help them come to understand Him more, help them feel of His love and just come closer to God. I want to build Heavenly Father`s kingdom. And how amazing is it that I can help and do that with having the talent of spanish. And I can`t wait to use it too for eternity. Seriously, love it. Okay, next miracle.

Oh! Side note. We got a text this morning from the Sisters who are teaching our friend P (remember him, miracle from a few weeks ago). Today his first official day not smoking. So cool! Sister Ruiz and I will be praying for him. He`s just amazing.

Futbol!!!! Soooooo much fun?!?! Why did I never play soccer growing up I don`t know. But it is never too late to start! Neither Sister Ruiz and I have ever really played soccer before (actually think I did in grade 5 once, can`t really remember). But! This past Friday we went to the church where they have their Friday night soccer games with members and investigators. We went with our friend Hermano E (who is taking and loving the lessons… he is just progressing so well!) and some members and the Elders were there. It was so much fun! And Hermano E loved meeting and playing with everyone there. Definitely a success!

And last one 🙂 This past Sunday (I guess that`s yesterday) we had a dinner at a members. It was super cool cause one of the sons just got back from his mission. We were sharing a message about missionary work and how members and missionaries need to work together. The son just shared with his Dad about helping and what missionary work really is and how much members and missionaries need to be united. I don`t think whatever we could have said would have worked nearly as well. It was really cool to see him teach his family and help others to catch the vision. And then we had a lesson with M (YM-15 and awesome, son in the A family) and he came with us. It is just so cool and a great example to see him use everything he learned from his mission and go right in and use everything to strengthen the members and area where he is now. He just understands it. I love when that happens. Like also our ward mission leader this past Sunday, after discussing how the importance of members reaching out and being friends (or even just friendly) with our investigators. E came in a bit late to sacrament meeting but our ward mission leader got up from his family and went over, shook E`s hand and then sat by him. Wow. These people are such great examples to me. I can`t wait to use everything I have learned and developed for the rest of my life 🙂 I might serve with a name tag and full time for 18 months (which is the best thing in the world) but this calling is a calling for eternity. And that makes me happy.

I love you guys and hope you have an amazing week! Keep sharing the gospel!

Hermana Godfrey

P.S. That guy who just returned from his mission is coming to visit his family in Kelowna for a couple of monthsish. I told him about the Latino family that live in Osoyoos and he said he would be happy to help out. He can`t right away but I am going to try and find the missionaries information. If I can`t find it, I will just give him Mom and Dad`s info and if you would be willing to direct him to the missionaries that would be awesome. Also, he asked if I would like him to take anything to give to you guys. I can`t decided haha (hopefully that doesn`t sound shallow) but if so hopefully you somehow get it! Love you all 😀

Also, no time for pictures. But they shall be good when they come!


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