July 14 – The Gospel isn’t weight, its wings- it carries us

17 Jul

Hola! Well guess what? B got baptized this past Saturday! It was just simply great. He said he had 4 different nightmares about his baptism the night before. But he said that instead of being scared or not wanting to come that morning he said he felt that there would not be so much opposition if it was not true.

There was also a testimony meeting during the time that B was getting changed. That was so inspired. Each person that spoke was lead by the spirit for I and others were enlightened and strengthened. M bore her testimony of the blessings she has felt of the gospel in her almost 1 year of becoming a member. That was so amazing to hear her testify of how the gospel has strenghtened and uplifted her.

Another man who bore his testimony really touched me as well. When he got up he said that when I was speaking he heard the same voice as the Elders who had taught him the gospel. At first I was like, “What do I sound like a man?” But then he said, “It is the voice of the Spirit”. I have heard that been said so many times that all you need is the voice of the Spirit to touch and strengthen others but it just kind of touched me in a different way. It is so true that all you need is the Spirit. Its hard a lot of the time because as I am learning Spanish I can’t say the things I used to be able to say or express myself the way I wish I could. That takes a lot of humility. And the very sense of humility- realizing our shortcomings and trusting in the Lord and his grace to make up for what you cannot do (and not beating yourself up for weaknesses). But with that man (well, the spirit really), I was able to learn a little better that truly all I need, all we need, is the Holy Ghost (which is so cool- we get a member of the Godhead to always be with us if we are worthy). In that same testimony he also said that, “God takes us where we are and begins to edify us,” and that “You can either fight the grace of God or accept it, because either way it is already paid for”. Okay, I’m going off more in my studyings and learnings but hope you don’t mind. Its just what is on my mind right now and wish to share. In spanish there are a few different words that are used to describe redemption. To be honest I forget what they are haha but I do remember the meanings in english which helped me put a whole new perspective on the redeemption from Jesucristo. It said that redeemption is to be bought, paid in full, freed, rescued, (I can’t remember the rest- but I’ll let you know later). I especially love rescued. How beautiful is that! I love the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is so simple and so perfect. Something that I do not fully understand but am striving to and striving to live it day after day. I love you all so much. I know that the gospel is for every single person in the world. Isn’t that wonderful! Article of faith number 2 or 3 “We believe that through the atonement of Christ all mankind may be saved through obedience to the laws and ordinances of the gospel”.

I love you guys! I hope you all have a wonderful week, traveling, graduating, babysitting Eliza, running, working and all the other great things that come! Remember to reach out and share what we have and know to be true.

Hermana Godfrey


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