July 7 – Can`t decide on a title but I`m out of time! Love you!

8 Jul

Hola familia! I am so excited to write you with all this crazy latino missionary miracles going on! First off, P. Actually, he is not latino. But such an awesome miracle. One day we were just sitting waiting at the bus stop. No one was around so I just sat down and starting writing some pass along cards. Then this man come over to wait for the bus. I smiled at him, he came in and we said hello (in english! So happy. French is a bit of a struggle haha. I definitely know more spanish than french but thats okay). He was like, “What are you doing?“. I was like, “Just making cards.“ Him, “For what?“. Me, “Well, we`re missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!“ And there we go! Sister Ruiz and I talked to him on the bus for the few stops we had. We got to know him a bit and then asked, “What`s important for you in life?“ He said he didn`t know. We asked him some more “soul-searching“ questions and about his belief in God. He thought about each of them and said, “You know, I don`t really know.“Then he asked us, “What `do you believe?“ We told him a bit and shared a little bit of our own experiences about how God has helped us in our lives. And then our stop came! And we didn`t have enough time to ask him for his information but I quickly handed him our card. As we got off, I couldn`t help but think, “Darn it, we lost him.“ But then I said a quiet prayer in my head that he would be blessed and think of our conversation. We went on to our appointment. And then….. right after our appointment, he called!! He was like, “I keep thinking about the questions you asked and I can`t get it off my mind cause I don`t really know. Is there any way we could meet and continue our conversation?“. I almost started crying. Here was this man (oh, his name is P), that even though I didn`t have enough time (well, I forgot how soon our stop was), God touched him enough that he called us. We set up an appointment and guess what?!?! He is awesome!!! We`ve already had 2 appointments with him and he is just sooooo cool. He has a cat named Keyboard. And it just amazes me how prepared these people truly can be. He has all these questions and it`s super funny too because he has absolutely no fear in asking questions and he truly means every single one of them. At first it really took me back. He would always be like, `But for you, how do you feel to be a Mormon?“ What appeals about being a Mormon to you?“, “What has God done for you?“ Haha. I love it. Seriously, I just love it. And the things he says are just like, `whoa! The first time he was like, “I feel this emptiness in me and I want to fill it.“ The last time he told us this crazy story (oh, since the very first time he was like, “Yeah, I want to come to one of your masses. I want to come see what its all about`.“) about how he has been to a bunch of other churches. But he said one time for the church on (he is from Montreal) Rue de Lorimier (where the stake building is and three wards meet.) he helped set up the alarm system. And he was like, “You know, I felt something when I went in the building. I just felt something. Peace, tranquility, like a warm fuzzy blanket`.“ hahaha. What?!?! I`ve only ever heard that answer about the Holy Ghost in primary. We testified that that was the Holy Ghost. And the best part, he just keeps saying, “Okay, okay. I have to do this for myself. I will not do anything until I find out if this is true for myself.“ Oh, P. What a marvelous work this is. And guess what else???? Guess who is getting baptized this Saturday???? Remember that miracle story I told you about on Mother’s day about B who we met at the bus stop. Yes. B is getting baptized this Saturday. I am so excited! He asked me to give one on the talks. It just amazes me how Heavenly Father allows me to have these experiences, to trust me, Sister Godfrey, with His children. “Now ye may suppose that this is foolishness in me; but behold, I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass; and small means in many instances doth confound the wise.`(Alma 37:6).

I love you all and wish you a great week! Have fun and keep trusting in God. He is real and I know He truly is right there waiting for us to come unto Him.

Love you!

Hermana Godfrey


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