June 23 – Soy Mexicano tambien… en mi corazon

23 Jun

Hola familia 😀

I’m trying to think and be creative with how I start my emails but I feel like its always ‘This was a good week!’. Sooooo… I’ll work on that.

But truly, there were some pretty cool things that happened 🙂

This week had its ups and downs but it was really cool to see some awesome milagros (miracles :D) at the end of the week, especailly yesterday. Hermano E and Hermano J came to church! Hermano J came 35 minutes early and was like “I hope its okay that I came early”. What dedication! He’s awesome 😀

Then Hermano E. He worked until 6 in the morning on Sunday. We talked about church with him and how it will help him come closer to christ this past week a little bit. He said he would come back from work and sleep for a bit and then come at 12 (he would miss sacrament). We were excited and really happy he was going to come especially since he worked until 6 that morning. Well, after sacrament he didn’t show up. We went to class and wondered if he slept through or something came up. But after class we go out there he was! He said he walked way too far and didn’t see the church building. He went to the priesthood class and after church we had a lesson with him. When we asked him about how he liked church he said, “Honestly, i was expecting it to be a bit weird. But I came and it wasn’t. I felt welcomed and a part of everyone.” We taught him a little bit about the Plan of Salvation and asked him to pray to know if these things were true. We gave him a promise and shared our testimonies with him. Then he said, “I have a small testimony too…” and started sharing about how he knew God was real and how he has seen it change him in his life. We all felt the spirit so much when he bore his testimony.

It’s been really amazing to see the Lord lead us to people this week and in finding others who are ready to hear and receive the restored gospel in their lives. But this week (well, every week really haha) I’ve also been able to see it change my life. “The greatest convert we should have (on our missions, or in our lives) is ourselves”. I love that. This gospel, on the good days and on the harder days, is a light and a strength. I am grateful for that.

Well, I love you and hope you hava a very fantastic and awesome week!

Hermana Godfrey 🙂

P.S. Go Columbia 😀 Me gente! (I’ve decided I’m cheering for Colombia… and it makes a great way to start talking to them :D)

I'm Mexican! She's an awesome member, from Chile!

I’m Mexican! She’s an awesome member, from Chile!

I thought this was a gem. Jesus loves you! And John the Baptist was playing on the TV.

I thought this was a gem. Jesus loves you! And John the Baptist was playing on the TV.

 How neat is that!

How neat is that!


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