May 19 – Bienveinado a Zarahemla

20 May

Hola! Que pasa mi familia! No hablo inglais. Esta semana fue muy bien y tenamos milagros! No say si estoy escribando mi espanol corrector pero estoy trabajando. Espero no personas queen hablan espanol van leer eso. Pero, esta bien 🙂

Okay, enough with the Spanish, who is trying to learn it anyways? Wow! What an adventurous week! It has been super fun, crazy (mostly because I have no idea what is going on haha). Pero, where do I even start? How about with my awesome companion! Her name is Sister Ruiz. She was born in Mexico and moved to the states, Washington, when she was five. She is super nice and wants to teach Spanish so I have the best teacher ever! It’s been super fun. She has been in the mission one more transfer than I and we both are focused on helping the area grow in any way we can and find those who are ready for the gospel. So it is going to be a great and hard working transfer! Super excited for that 🙂

Oh, we also live above a bar. Yep. It’s a fairly good apartment that we share with two other sisters. But they do play their music all through the night. It’s a miracle and blessing that Heavenly Father allows us to sleep throughout the night. Anyways I am making it sound more than it is. The Zarahemla ward is awesome. The members seem super kind and are so warm. And no one knows piano! Haha so I am playing for sacrament, relief society and choir! I love it but I am not that good. Sight reading is still pretty difficult but again, I have really seen Heavenly Father help me. What a blessing.

The Spanish is coming. Sometimes I can understand 50 percent, sometimes 80, but it feels like 30 percent haha that’s okay though. I am trying to work so hard at it. I Have stopped thinking in English. Seriously goodbye English. And I got so close to dreaming in Spanish. I don’t think it was even a language in my dream, I think my mind was just so confused of what was going on. Haha. I feel so useless sometimes at lessons or things. Even at contacting. I am on the very east side of Montreal. I even saw the river in the east end. So it is very very french. I think I have talked to like one or two people in English. Mostly because they feel sorry for me or can’t understand me so they switch… Darn. Hahah probresita.

We have some super cool less actives we are working with. One is coming to the temple tomorrow for the first time in such a long time. She has a daughter, Melli, who is cool. I like her a lot. She is kinda closed off to a lot of people and usually just gives short answers. But it’s been cool because I feel like she actually likes me and we kind of understand each other even though I can hardly speak Spanish. It’s cool and I think Heavenly Father might have me able to reach out to her and help her. We will see. And I will keep you updated.

Oh we also got to do a service project today cleaning up a community and picking up garbage. It was a huge turn out and super fun. And guess who I got to see a bunch of!?!? My Montreal ward family!!! That was so much fun and so cool. I loved it. It feels like it’s been a month but it’s not even been a week. Ah well they seemed happy too. Okay got to go. I love you all and am so happy to see you are all doing well. Have an awesome week and go make some miracles happen with The Lord 😀

Oh and no pictures because I am actually using a senior couples I-pad. Next week!

Los quiero mucho I familia!
Hermana Godfrey 🙂


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