April 21 -Don’t ever forget, God is always there

22 Apr
Heart Attacking

Heart Attacking

Happy Easter! Feliz Pascua 😀 What a great Easter week 🙂 We had some great opportunities to have some of those that we work with to come to a couple activities that were going on. The Brigham Young University- Idaho (haha I didn’t know anyone in it) orchestra came to Montreal and put on a symphony. We were able to go with some of those we work with! And also an Easter concert this weekend that the stake had. Music is such a great way to grow our testimonies 🙂


At the church building

At the church building

M got her patriarchal blessing this past Friday! She said it was an amazing and beautiful spiritual experience! I am so happy and excited for her 😀 That was something amazing to me. And we had a great Easter supper at her place with another member, Y. It’s good to have such amazing people and friends here 🙂 I love that.

I also had a powerful and inspiring experience talking to someone this week. We were waiting for the bus and there was this man there, his name is B. So we said hello and asked him how he was. He responded and then looked at our tags. He said, “I’ve met your people before.” I thought maybe a few years ago in Montreal. But then he started his story… he said that he was on the train going to the camp. It should have taken eight hours but it took eight days. There were a lot of people in the train. I’m not exactly sure how he got it (I don’t quite remember), but a lady gave him a bible and that was all he had. A man saw him trying to read it but saw that he was struggling. He offered to help him and they took turns sitting and standing up reading from the Bible. He remembered that man and that was where he had “met” us before. It was the name of Jesus Christ that stood out to him. His story was of him on his way to one of the death camps in Auschtwitz. He told us of the burning bodies of his friends and the “wires” that you could touch, that it was the “easy way out”. B ended up helping one of the pastors there at the camp and survived. The thing that really touched me was that through it all he never lost his faith and belief in God. B told us that he had a couple questions to ask Jesus, one being why was he the one to survive. We talked for a bit, I really didn’t know what to tell him or to respond. All my “hardships” and “trials” seemed rather small. At the end just before we got off the bus he wished me good luck and then looked at me and said, “Don’t ever forget, God is always there”.

Sorry, if that was a bit depressing. It just really touched me this week and i wanted to share. I too, like B, though I’ve never been through anything even close to the same, know that God is there, always there. We must hold on and persevere. I know that Christ is our Savior and that through him we can find that peace, that solace and that love. Jesus Christ lived a perfect life, he felt all that we go through and was killed. But the most beautiful thing is that three days later, he rose from the dead and was resurrected. Christ lives! And because of that so can we 🙂

Us with P and Sister Q. P gave us both real Canadian syrup just because he is so kind!

Us with P and Sister Q. P gave us both real Canadian syrup just because he is so kind!


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