March 10 – Indian food and miracles

11 Mar
Hey! This week was interesting. Sister G is doing better now. The beginning of the week was a bit rough and then she got better but then this past weekend she wasn’t feeling good again. So we had a lot of time in the apartment. I am super grateful though that she is feeling almost back to normal today. It’s a relief that she is recovering! And it makes me happy that Sister G is back.

But we had two pretty awesome days back to back. Usually with the plans you have in the morning there is always something that doesn’t work out the way you have planned. It’s totally fine but we had some awesome things planned and set up! And guess what?!? They all worked out! We were able to go to a lot more lessons than we normally do because bus after bus we just kept catching! It was great! So many miracles happened in just those couple days!
One of our returning members, Sister Q, was super excited when we came to see her. She was like “I have something to tell you! Come in, come in!” We couldn’t wait to know! But when we asked she was like, wait a minute, and kept finding us treats to feed us haha. We were like, “Sister Q just tell us” ha! But when she finally sat down we were so ready and then she was like, “Are we going to start with a prayer?” haha. So right after the prayer ended we looked at her. She was so happy. She said, “I found a new job! I can go to church now!!” It was the best thing EVER! We were all so excited and happy! She was like, “I’m going to bring P too!” P is a friend of Sister Qs who we are teaching. And then she was like, “I have this friend. We should go visit her. Let’s do a bible study with her!” And just called her friend up haha! She is pretty incredible! We can’t wait for her! Miracles, miracles, miracles! She is so ready for the gospel to be brought back in her life. All of her family served missions except for her and she always says, “I hope it’s not too late for me”. It makes me smile. It’s most definitely not too late! And she already is 🙂 I know Heavenly Father is so proud of her and the decisions she is making!
Also, C is doing really good as of late. She hasn’t come to church for a long time and we think that might take a bit more time (although we have a general authority coming March 23! Oh and I haven’t told you yet! We have an Apostle coming too! He will speak to us that Saturday and is going to another stake on the Sunday. We are super excited and looking forward to it!). But since our last lesson she had read like 15 chapters in the Book of Mormon!!! That was awesome! Before it was like a couple chapters, three at the most but she just read a whole bunch. We think she is really getting into it which is great!
And one last great thing 😀 Guess who gave their first talk in sacrament meeting?!?! M!!!!! She seriously did so good! It was incredible! It was really neat because she called us a couple times to go over it and for help. Her subject was on missionary work and first members in the church. She was super funny too and had some great expereinces! It was pretty exciting to see her up there and to be doing so well in her progress in the gospel. And the coolest part of it, it really never was me that did any of it. I just was a guide along her journey. But she was the one that felt the spirit touch and allow her to change. She is great and so are all of the people that we have the privilege to work with 🙂 I love the gospel!
Sister Torres, who we live with (her companion got sick this past week too) with Indian food! Delicious!!!

Sister Torres, who we live with (her companion got sick this past week too) with Indian food! Delicious!!!

Godfrey Street!

Godfrey Street!

Well, I love you all! I hope everything is going well and it’s so neat to hear of your experiences and the things you are going through! I hope you have a wonderful week! Keep sharing your examples! 😀 I love you!
Sister Godfrey

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