March 4 – Short and sweet!

5 Mar

Hola mi familia! I hope you are all doing well! Sister Gutierrez was feeling sick yesterday so we needed to stay in. We got permission today to do our emails (although I don’t know how much longer we will have)! Guess what?! Brother J is changing wards! He actually lives in another area’s boundaries but because of the situation he was allowed to come to our ward. Brother J says he has felt a pulling and feeling that he needs to go to the Montreal East branch. It’s sad to not be able to teach him and have him in our ward but it’s amazing to see him follow the spirit and really trust in God. That is miraculous! And even cooler yet, he got his temple recommend and…. one Saturday morning he woke up and decided to drive to the temple. He walked in and did a bunch of baptisms for the dead. He just woke up and went! It was awesome! He keeps learning and progressing so much. Love it! And one day he called us just to tell us that he gave one of the missionary phamphlets to someone on the metros and he said, “The reward was immediate. I felt an overwhelming joy!”

1014-03-04 1 
I love you all so much! Thanks for being such great examples to me. I love my family! I wish I could write more but we don’t have much time since we’ve got a lesson soon. But have an amazing week! And tell me more of your missionary moments!

Sister Godfrey

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