February 24 – Miracles and missionary work!

25 Feb

2014-02-24 From temple trip

Temple trip

Temple trip

2014-02-24 From temple trip 3

Hola! What’s up?! Hope you all had an amazing week 🙂 This week was so much warmer! Seriously, I didn’t even have to wear a winter jacket! I upgraded to only wearing three thin jackets 🙂 But it was great and felt wonderful to have a bit of spring weather. This week we had some neat experiences. One was with our returning member, J. We went again to that Addiction Recovery Program and it was so cool. She was really able to open up and share a lot of good things. But my favourite/coolest part was when she was like, “You know, I was praying for over a half an hour and everything that I prayed about was mentioned here tonight. I take that as a sign.” Oh, and something else cool was that while we were talking to her over the phone she was like, “I read the two paragraphs you left me…” she actually ended up reading the whole section over again (which is awesome because she has never read the Book of Mormon when we have left her something- this was Joseph Smith’s testimony at the beginning) and she said she learnt so many new things. And then asked us, “So, what chapters in the Book of Mormon were translated by Joseph Smith?”. I kinda laughed and said, “It’s the whole thing” and she was like, “Whoa! Are you for real?!” Me, “Yep, for real.” J, “No… whoa… I’m going to have to read the whole thing then!” That was cool.
Also, I’m not sure if you remember the young single Mom we were once teaching, S. Well, we were able to go back there and she was there and let us in. It was a great lesson. She’s been going through a lot still and when we asked her how her prayers were going she responded that she had only prayed during the really hard times she had. And then she kind of looked at us and was like, “That’s not very good is it?”. We told her about how God is our Heavenly Father who loves us and knows us and wants to hear from us. We asked her if she would want her daughter to talk to her everyday and what she would want her daughter to tell her. After we explained it a bit more she looked at us and was like “Wow. Okay, yeah, I feel bad”. This week she said she wanted to work on that, talking to her Heavenly Father everyday. That was really neat to see her understand it more and see the importance of why we pray. It kinda makes me think about all these simple things I have done all my life and really understand it more and have it become more personal to me too. I really love that.
Okay, one last cool thing. On Sunday (I guess that’s only yesterday but it feels like a week ago already haha) I met Brother K Johnson! And guess what?!?! Ready Grandpa Wardrop 😀 (Well, I guess you probably already know because of the name…. ah well) He is from Calgary but lived in Salmon Arm for awhile and were good friends with Grandma and Grandpa Wardrop! That was sooooo cool! He talked about how he knew they ran the retirement building and all. It was just so neat! He was such a nice and friendly person. I was just so happy that he knew Grandpa 🙂 His daughter, C J, and their family live here in our ward. The J’s are super cool! So the picture is me with Brother Johnson and his grandkids (R, T and E). Isn’t it such a small world? How great is that!
With Brother Kelvin Johnson and his grandchildren

With Brother Kelvin Johnson and his grandchildren

Well, we are off and ready to go! We are excited tonight we are going to visit a returning member and she is going to show us one of her talents (had a lesson on that before)… cooking! So yeah know, pretty good deal. Maybe we should do a lesson on that more often… just kidding, just kidding. Okay, got to go for reals. Love you all and hope you have an amazing and super exciting (in all good ways) week! May the Lord be with you (see what I did there)! Oh and P.S. GO CANADA!!!! M updated us on the hockey game haha! We got our ins 🙂 Don’t worry though, not distracted, makes good conversation starters yeah know. I love you and hope the missionary work is going great with you guys too! By small and simple things are great things brought to pass! Don’t be discouraged or afraid, missionary work is done in small and simple ways, our example, service and just sharing the joy 😀 Love you!
Sister Godfrey 🙂

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