February 10 – Bro! Pass me the mayo!

10 Feb

M's birthday!!!

M’s birthday!!!

M's birthday!!! Such a fun day.

M’s birthday!!! Such a fun day.

Just to make you hungry. Seriously, best Vietnamese food ever! Soooo good. I'll take you all there (or you can take me ) one day. It was all for M's birthday!

Just to make you hungry. Seriously, best Vietnamese food ever! Soooo good. I’ll take you all there (or you can take me ) one day. It was all for M’s birthday!

Hola!!! This week has been so good! Seriously, miracles are just everywhere! We have found SO many more people to teach! It seems that they have just come to us! Let me just tell you a bunch of them since I am just so delighted and excited about it all.

First this week, we are going to teach this one less active we have just recently started working with and her friend was there. We were like, “Hey! Do you want to join us?” And so he did! And they are going to start reading the Book of Mormon together! Then one of my favourite people I have met. One day, a few transfers ago, we jumped on the bus and there was this man with his son in his stroller. And so I thought, “teach families!” and we started talking to them! He was like, “How do you share your message?” Anyways, we ended up staying on the bus one stop extra so we could exchange information. We set up an appointment but it didn’t go through. I guess we lost track of him. But the other week we were on the bus and this guy comes up to us and sits down and was like, “Hey! You didn’t call me!” haha… opps. Anyways, we were thrilled to see him again and we set up a time to meet. This time it worked out and he is so cool! His name is S and he was born in France but his parents are from the Congo.
Then this Saturday we had a ward party! We decided to send out a mass text to everyone in our phone. We had a lot of people there (well, comparitively to the last ward party we had) with our returning members there and those that we are currently teaching the lessons to! One of our investigators (she’s so cool too! She is from Kenya and has been here for just over a year studying nursing. I’m trying to learn a bit of African (forgot the name of the language…) from her and her Mom who knows no english LOVES us and wants to make us food!), R (who is progressing so much!) brought her sister, F and their friend, R2. After the ward activity we went to a baptism in the Young Single Adults branch. At the end during the supper thing they had, F and I were talking and she told me, “You know, the real reason I came tonight is because I want to come back to Jesus Christ”. And R2, was like, “Yeah, I think I want to know more about this Mormon faith”. We were like Sweet! So we are seeing them this week! Just so much work going on!
And to top it off we were on our way to visit a family that we are working with, the Rs Family, we were talking to this one man who was interested and stopped to get each others information. After there was this guy behind him just waiting and then was like, “Wait, what time did you say church was at?” haha. It was cool! We have an appointment with him too this week! Love it!
It’s not always this way and you get a lot of people who aren’t interested and sometimes not always the nicest. But it makes it so worth it when you do find those who are interested in learning the gospel! It’s just been such an amazing experience this week. I can’t wait to meet with them and keep working with those we already have a relationship with as missionaries.
You know, this morning, we were listening to some great church music and cleaning the house when I just smiled and exclaimed to myself, “I’m a missionary!” And then this warmth just swept over me. How often in my life am I going to have that opportunity and honour to say that? Not forever (well, always a member missionary- thankfully!). I just love being a servant of the Lord and being able to help his children here in this area. It’s the greatest calling on earth. And there is nothing that I would rather be doing right now 🙂
Today! Our P-day activity eating pancakes! So adventurous today!

Today! Our P-day activity eating pancakes! So adventurous today!

Oh! Okay, I’m talking so much this week! but one last cool quick story. A while ago (I think I told this story) but we helped this lady shovel her pathway. We invited her to church and tried to meet with her but it didn’t work out. Well, I forgot about that. But then yesterday, this lady showed up to church (to be honest, she already looked like a member) and was talking to someone. I went up to her to say hi and guess what?!?! It was her! That was super cool! We are going to see her next sunday before church. Can’t wait 🙂 It’s amazing to see the efforts you put in today bring forth fruit. And luckily for me I can see some of those miracles happening!
Well, I love you guys! A lot! Thanks for everything! I really am so grateful to my family. I love you and am happy to hear from you. Hope you have an AMAZING week!
Sister Godfrey 🙂

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