January 27 – Isaiah 60:19-20

28 Jan
Hellooo! Well, to be honest, I can’t actually remember what happened this week… a lot! Oh I know! Okay, so we kinda had a pretty cool experience happen this past Wednesday. We went to the church’s service of ‘Addiction Recovery Program’. At first I thought it was a bit weird and could see that the person we went with was kinda feeling the same. So I was trying hard to participate (it was funny, the lady we went with was like, “You know, I’m just going to tell them that you have the addiction” hahah. I was like, “Sweet! Sign me up!” So I was thinking… “Yeah I love chocolate, I could probably work on that.”) and trying to make it the best. Then about half way in another person showed up, a friend of a member. She sat through most of it and then almost right near the end she was like, “Can I say something? Or do I have to be baptized first?” (someone go fill up the font! just kidding…) And then she just opend up. She has had such a hard life and is really struggling. I can see how much the gospel will help her! Jesus Christ really is the light of the world- there is so much peace and love that He can give us if we turn to him. But after she opened up everyone started adding things in and it just completely transformed the program (in a good way). It was great! It was honestly such an amazing thing to go to and be a part of. And because of that we finally are making progress with the person we brought to it. We are excited!

And the lady, who was the friend of the member, she is just so sweet. Her name is Poetry. And yes, she is very poetic and loves poetry! And she knows John Keats!!! Kinda exciting! Afterwards, we had like two seconds (because we were getting a ride back) and I knew that she needed us. And miraculously as soon as I asked if she would like to meet with us she was like, “Yeah! I would love to! I think that would be really good”. Yeah! It was great. We haven’t met with her in person since but we’ve talked to her over the phone a few times and have a lesson this Tuesday. So we are excited!
M!!! (Haha I probably know she is going to read this too…. love you!) I am so happy and proud of her. Seriously, I’m not sure if I mentioned it but she has been called to be a WARD MISSIONARY!!!! 😀 And she is awesome! She came out with us quite a bit last week! She has been able to help many. She helps others become their best. I love that!
And one last amazing thing. Brother J received the Aaronic Priesthood this past Sunday! I am so happy and proud of him. Our recent converts are doing so well. He is just so humble and eager to learn more of the gospel. He feasts upon the words of Christ and always surprises us at the next lesson by reciting a scripture that we shared with him last time! Yeah!
Okay, got to go. Love you all so much. Thank you for your emails and love. Its so good to hear you are all happy and doing well! I love my family and am so grateful for the blessing that we can live together forever! Love you! And have a amazing week!
Sister Godfrey

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