January 20 – Poutineville!

20 Jan
At Poutineville - Sister G's first time eating poutine!

At Poutineville – Sister G’s first time eating poutine!

My family! I love you guys! How was your week? Well, you’ve actually already told me but I am just grateful for you all! This has been a good week! It was so warm too but now it’s getting cold again. Let me tell you of some miracles!

The 2 girls in the L family - S1 and S2.

The 2 girls in the L family – S1 and S2.

We have been working with the L family (the ones with the two girls who are the reason we were able to come back and teach them). For a few weeks we have been helping them work on their goal to read The Book of Mormon together as a family each day. But each time we came back they hadn’t been reading it! And so we would teach another lesson and leave them with the commitment to read The Book of Mormon. We have been praying for them so much! Then this past week when we went the two girls were super excited to see us (they usually are but this time even more so- I knew something was up). And before we even started with the prayer they burst out, “We read The Book of Mormon!!!” They were so excited and we couldn’t contain our excitement! It was amazing! I’m just so happy and excited for them! And the member we brought with us just immediately connected with Sister L! I love this gospel! It’s a gospel of progress and learning.

Well I’m going to keep it shorter so I can try and send some pictures home. I love you guys and hope you have a great week! LOVE YOU!
Sister Godfrey

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