December 30 – Happy New Years, Feliz Ano Nuevo and Bonne Annee

30 Dec
Christmas was great! We had a lot of fun visiting our members, less actives and investigators this past week. I love being able to spend that special time of year with them and share with them about Christ’s birth. And of course, it was really neat to see you guys! I loved it 😀 And don’t worry, even though it was fun we are entirely focused on the work! 

This week I really learned to trust and put our faith in the Lord. Saturday was a good day. We had two lessons set up at the same location, back to back, which worked out great! One of them was with Brother J- he is just so AWESOME! And super ready to be baptized on January 11th. After our lessons we had some time with no set up lessons. We had a bunch of people that we were going to stop by so we started. Either no one was home or we didn’t have a correct address. We were able to talk to some people and contact someone we were looking for but we weren’t able to have a lesson with someone like we had hoped. But we started to our next appointment and were talking to this one person on the bus. He was Jewish and started talking about all these things and wouldn’t even let us talk. I wanted to go talk to someone else but knew that would be rude. I said a prayer and a thought came to me that things work for the good when we trust in the Lord. We ended up getting off at the same stop and he kept talking to us haha. But then all of the sudden we see this one guy who we ran into and talked about the church with before (he was pretty cool) and so I called out “M!” (Later found out his name was W… haha). Anyways, to make it short we were able to talk to W… and it was great! He will take small steps but this time he accepted a Book of Mormon! We really were suppose to run into him and it wouldn’t have happened if all the other things didn’t happen.
Another really cool thing that happend that day was that we were heading off to an appointment. We gave ourselves a good amount of time to get there but one of the buses didn’t come until after the time we needed to get there at. So we decided to walk! It was pretty far and there really wasn’t a way we could get there in a good amount of time. But we started and were praying that something would work. I seriously do not know how it worked out but we got there just shortly after we had said we would! It was a miracle! And then we had a lesson set up after that and really know place to go for it, but the member we were with was like, “Come to my house!”. It was such a miracle- EVERYTHING worked out that day perfectly! I know that Heavenly Father will bless us with our righteous endeavors as we trust in him and try our best. And God is a God of miracles!
Well, hopefully that all made sense. HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!! There is a really cool Mormon message that I love, . Check it out if you can. I love you all and hope you have a great week! Keep up being great examples of Jesus Christ. Love ya!
Sister Godfrey 
P.S. Sorry, I had a bunch of picutres, but I forgot the adapter for the computer… next week!

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