December 16 – And I thought I was Canadian…

17 Dec
Caution, especially being Christmas: Missionaries sure love mail but don’t forget to send anything only via regular mail, or else we get charged (and usually pretty expensively on the receiving end). THANKS!

Mi familia:

You wouldn’t believe it?! We got a snow storm thingy Saturday evening and a bit still on Sunday. Haha walking to church was a bit crazy. The sidewalks hadn’t been taken care of yet and there were parts where we had to trudge through the snow haha. It was fun- but really, we were laughing (and taking lots of pictures!). This is a bit embarrassing but I think Sister M is better than me with this stuff. I thought I was Canadian!!! Just give me a winter in Montreal… Love it! But don’t worry- we are dressed super duper warm and are strangely excited for the experience.




So we have been teaching this one man, Brother J. We tried to pass him off to the other ward but it didn’t work out so we are back teaching him and working on having him attend the other ward area he lives in. But anyways, we had a great lesson with him and a member at the McDonald’s. And you wouldn’t believe what miracle happened! We were teaching him about the atonement of Jesus Christ. This man walks in to the store (there are a lot of people) and I didn’t think anything of it, but I smile and nod, and continue with the lesson. A little bit later the man leaves and I smiled again. We were in the middle of our lesson. The man turns around, a bit hesitant, and walks over to our table and says, “Sorry to interrupt you, but can I ask you something?” He then asked how he could contact us haha.
I immediately was like, “We are missionaries for the Church of Jesus-Christ of Latter Day Saints.”
He responded, “Yeah,”
“We share a message about God and Jesus Christ.”
“Yeah, I know…” We were stunned! We all start talking and he wanted to know how it worked, if we read scriptures with people and met with them. At the end he said, “Thanks, I have a lot of questions.” It was so cool! I don’t think I’ve ever had someone come up to me who was interested and wanted to meet with us like that before. Brother J and our member started testifying to him too. It was great!
Gah I have so many stories to tell and there is no time! But it really was a good week. We had a lot of activities which was awesome! We had a lot of our investigators and less actives come to our Christmas party which was wonderful! Having members say hi to them is essential. I don’t think I really realized that but it makes such a difference! If you see a new face, even if you’re not sure, or someone you haven’t seen for a while- say hi! It makes the world of difference.
I love you all so much! Thanks for everything- I really do appreciate it and love it. Keep up being great member missionaries. Let me in on your neat experiences. I hope you enjoy this Christmas season! I love seeing the warmth of Christ touch others. I know the Savior lives and loves us. Our Savior gave his life for each one of us and holds his arms out stretched for us. All he wants is us- and how great shall be our joy! I love Christmas. I love seeing the lights and the smiles on other’s faces. I love seeing people help others as they give and love. That’s what Christmas is all about- Christ.
I love you and hope you have an AMAZING WEEK!
Sister Godfrey

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