December 9 – Let it snow!

9 Dec
It’s snowing!!!!! Yeppiee! Just thought you’d all like to know! We are so set and ready to go for winter!

The Christmas devotional was wonderful! I just love hearing from our leaders and it is always a perfect way to start off Christmas. I love when (I forget who…) said that the missionaries get to carry this message of Jesus Christ to the world. I was like, “That’s me!”. How neat is that?! Love it!
The beginning of the week we had splits which was pretty fun, actually I had a lot of fun. I was with Sister Sherwood and she is just such a powerful missionary! It was so neat to learn from her and get so many ideas. While on splits we went by this one less active sister, J A who we lost contact with because she just wouldn’t return any of our calls or answer when we went to her house. We hadn’t gone by for a couple of weeks and decided we would stop by. We called her on the intercom, she picked up and when she found out it was us she said, “Would you like to come up!?”. Things had been going pretty crazy and was difficult but she was grateful that we came by. Now we are back teaching her! So that was a cool miracle.
Sister M is so positive and fun to be with. We are both excited for Christmas. I didn’t think I was that excited for Christmas (haha that sounds like I’m the Grinch) but I woke up Sunday morning and was like “There is 17 days until Christmas!!!” And with the devotional last night I am so ready to go! It’s great because people are so much more open and happy this time of year. We can touch them in ways that we normally can’t.
Another awesome miracle that happened this week was that this Sunday we had three of our investigators at church!!! They all stayed for the whole thing and liked it! Guess who came?? L!!! She really was a miracle. It’s all with the power of member-missionaries. We called her Friday to see how she was doing and asked if she was coming to church. She said she would try but wasn’t sure. Then on Saturday we called up M and asked if she would call L and invite her to church. She was getting a ride from another member to church so it would be perfect. M called and L said yes! Then L called us that night and told us she was going! I know that having members care about the investigators makes such a difference! I was worried about how L enjoyed church because I don’t think she knew it was three hours long haha. And in Sunday school the lesson was about the Millennium  But I asked her at the end if she liked it and she said yes and then when I asked her what her favourite part was she replied, “Oh, probably talking about the Millennium . What!? Sweet!!!
Oh! Totally have another quick story. Yesterday we were visiting a less active Brother…. en espanol! We have been teaching him for a while usually in Spanglish but we decided that he needs to hear the gospel in Spanish (his first language- he completely knows english but it makes a difference hearing about spiritual things in your first language). We also had a great member with us- who just cares about him so much! Friends make all the difference! Anyways, to be honest, I struggle with understanding Spanish but I got most of what was going on. When I spoke and was testifying of the things we were teaching I felt like it was so simple and not coming out right. Sister M later told me that is was right- that I even had the little words in the right places in the sentences. It’s hard to explain cause even I don’t understand. When she told me I was like “I didn’t even know that!” I know that it was through the gift of the Holy Ghost. It was pretty cool to see that work.
Wow. I talk a lot. Just too many things to be grateful for! I feel so lucky and grateful for the people we have to work with. They are amazing! Truly, we have such awesome people we are teaching and seeing them progress a lot lately. I love it! Haha, I’m thinking of even more stories. I’ll save them for another time!
I want you to know that I know that God lives. I know that Jesus Christ is the Saviour of the world and that He lived and died for us- each person individually. I don’t understand how he could have done it, but I know that he did. He loves us and wants us to become like him. I know that it is through living the gospel of Jesus Christ and the commandments that we find true and lasting happiness- peace amongst the turmoils of the world. I love God and am grateful for His trust as a representative of Jesus Christ.
I hope you have an amazing week! Remember the Saviour during this Christmas season and to reach out and help others feel the love that Christ has for them. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! Seriously, thank you for everything. You are amazing!
Sister Godfrey

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