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December 30 – Happy New Years, Feliz Ano Nuevo and Bonne Annee

30 Dec
Christmas was great! We had a lot of fun visiting our members, less actives and investigators this past week. I love being able to spend that special time of year with them and share with them about Christ’s birth. And of course, it was really neat to see you guys! I loved it 😀 And don’t worry, even though it was fun we are entirely focused on the work! 

This week I really learned to trust and put our faith in the Lord. Saturday was a good day. We had two lessons set up at the same location, back to back, which worked out great! One of them was with Brother J- he is just so AWESOME! And super ready to be baptized on January 11th. After our lessons we had some time with no set up lessons. We had a bunch of people that we were going to stop by so we started. Either no one was home or we didn’t have a correct address. We were able to talk to some people and contact someone we were looking for but we weren’t able to have a lesson with someone like we had hoped. But we started to our next appointment and were talking to this one person on the bus. He was Jewish and started talking about all these things and wouldn’t even let us talk. I wanted to go talk to someone else but knew that would be rude. I said a prayer and a thought came to me that things work for the good when we trust in the Lord. We ended up getting off at the same stop and he kept talking to us haha. But then all of the sudden we see this one guy who we ran into and talked about the church with before (he was pretty cool) and so I called out “M!” (Later found out his name was W… haha). Anyways, to make it short we were able to talk to W… and it was great! He will take small steps but this time he accepted a Book of Mormon! We really were suppose to run into him and it wouldn’t have happened if all the other things didn’t happen.
Another really cool thing that happend that day was that we were heading off to an appointment. We gave ourselves a good amount of time to get there but one of the buses didn’t come until after the time we needed to get there at. So we decided to walk! It was pretty far and there really wasn’t a way we could get there in a good amount of time. But we started and were praying that something would work. I seriously do not know how it worked out but we got there just shortly after we had said we would! It was a miracle! And then we had a lesson set up after that and really know place to go for it, but the member we were with was like, “Come to my house!”. It was such a miracle- EVERYTHING worked out that day perfectly! I know that Heavenly Father will bless us with our righteous endeavors as we trust in him and try our best. And God is a God of miracles!
Well, hopefully that all made sense. HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!! There is a really cool Mormon message that I love, . Check it out if you can. I love you all and hope you have a great week! Keep up being great examples of Jesus Christ. Love ya!
Sister Godfrey 
P.S. Sorry, I had a bunch of picutres, but I forgot the adapter for the computer… next week!

December 23 – !Feliz Navidad! Joyeux Noel! Merry Christmas!

25 Dec
MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! What an amazing week! We had a record number of lessons for us (including all 6 months I have been here)!!! And when we realized that we were surprised because it didn’t even feel like it. It was pretty awesome! We had a pretty neat experience with a part-member/less-active family that we are working with. They are awesome (I’ve talked about them before), the C’s. They have been wanting to work on reading the scriptures together as a family. Together they committed to read the Book of Mormon as a family about 2 weeks ago. We went the beginning of last week, and they hadn’t done it (such a disappointing feeling- we can feel and know how much it will bless their lives as a family and individually!). But we had brought with us a Book of Mormon in Hindi, the native language of the father. He was pretty excited! And was reading us scriptures from it and translating them back into english for us. That was fun! So they committed to read the Book of Mormon again as a family this week. We have been praying for them like crazy! And guess what?! THEY DID IT! We were so happy and grateful! Heavenly Father is pretty wonderful and I know He listens and answers our prayers according to our faith and His will.
Yesterday was kinda fun too. This past weekend we had a freezing rain storm. It actually isn’t too bad in it. It kinda feels like you are walking around with little crystals falling from the sky on you. It’s pretty fun. And I don’t think I’ve ever experienced something quite like that before. Anyways… we are getting more and more snow. And walking back from church we pass a lot of people shoveling snow or their cars out. We ask them if they need help… but they always say no.. But we were on the other side of the street and I look over and see this woman shoveling her walkway. I don’t really know what I thought but I just kinda steered myself towards her.  She seemed like someone who would allow us to help. So we went over and offered and she said yes! She was very grateful (this might sound wimpy, but shoveling snow is a lot of work ha). As we were talking with her and she found out where our church was she was like, “Really!? I’ve been wanting to go to that church! Someone invited me there once and I’ve been wanting to go but I didn’t know when!”. Her name is S. She is from Jamaica and probably in her 40s. She was really nice but didn’t have any time right then. But we asked if we could come another time and she said yes! We are going to see her later this evening after P-Day.
Brother J is on fire right now! He is just so ready for baptism! He wanted to fast to gain extra strength to overcome his coffee addiction. He has been doing so good. It was his first time fasting and that was really hard for him. But I know how proud the Lord must be of him! Brother J is so funny too. He’s kinda like a Grandpa (Don’t worry Grandpa Wardrop and Grandpa Godfrey, no one can replace you- you are stuck with me!). He called us the morning before we were going to break our fast and said that everything was good and that he would be waiting for our call but he was going to be standing next to a Subway restaurant! Haha. It was funny.
We are going to spend Christmas seeing a lot of less active or investigators that don’t have any one or plans for Christmas. I am so happy to be spending Christmas with them! They are like our family and I just love them so much.
Okay, one more thing which was pretty cool (okay, two things). First, Sister M and I have a goal this week to ask EVERYONE we meet with for people they know who would benefit from our message. We met with C this morning and we forgot to ask her! So I decided to text her and ask if she knew of anyone who would benefit from a message about Christmas or is in need of some service. We just got a text back! And she has a friend! Yep, awesome right! Love it!
And the last thing (this is a long one- Merry Christmas!) Yesterday we had our missionary Christmas get together thing with two zones. It was a lot of fun! We divided into two groups and went off and caroled to people. It was pretty cool. There were 22 missionaries out in the streets of Montreal. We walked around singing Christmas hymns- into the metros for a bit and off to some homes and to people on the streets. This one family we went to opened the doors and they took out their cell phones and stuff and started videoing (probably went viral). Then we went back to the chapel and watched a few videos from the life of Christ and talked about it. And of course, refreshments! It was a really nice evening.
I just can’t express how grateful I am to be a missionary. I love it. And Christmas time is such a beautiful time to be able to take the message of Jesus Christ to the lives of others. There is a special spirit and I love to feel it. But it’s even more fulfilling to bring that to others and see it change their lives and open up their hearts.
“For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given; and the government shall be upon his shoulder; and his name shall be called, Wonderful, Counselor, The Mighty God, The Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.” 2 Nephi 19:6
I know that Christ lives. I know that he is the Saviour of the world, that he gave his life for each one of us. I know that through him I can be forgiven, that I never have to feel alone or lost because he is always right there, simply waiting for us to come to him. I feel of the joy and peace that comes through knowing that he lives and loves us. It’s kinda amazing to look at the life of the Saviour; to see how perfect and precious his life was and is. And the best and most awe-inspiring thing is that he did it all for us, because he loves each one of us.
I hope that each of us take a moment to just ponder in silence what the Saviour has done for you. Consider the blessings that Christ has brought into your life. And I invite you to think of something that you can give to the Saviour this year to come closer to him or to help another feel of his love.
I love you each so much. Thank you for everything. Truly, I can not comprehend how blessed I am. I appreciate each of you! I love you and hope you have the very best Christmas EVER!
Sister Godfrey   

December 16 – And I thought I was Canadian…

17 Dec
Caution, especially being Christmas: Missionaries sure love mail but don’t forget to send anything only via regular mail, or else we get charged (and usually pretty expensively on the receiving end). THANKS!

Mi familia:

You wouldn’t believe it?! We got a snow storm thingy Saturday evening and a bit still on Sunday. Haha walking to church was a bit crazy. The sidewalks hadn’t been taken care of yet and there were parts where we had to trudge through the snow haha. It was fun- but really, we were laughing (and taking lots of pictures!). This is a bit embarrassing but I think Sister M is better than me with this stuff. I thought I was Canadian!!! Just give me a winter in Montreal… Love it! But don’t worry- we are dressed super duper warm and are strangely excited for the experience.




So we have been teaching this one man, Brother J. We tried to pass him off to the other ward but it didn’t work out so we are back teaching him and working on having him attend the other ward area he lives in. But anyways, we had a great lesson with him and a member at the McDonald’s. And you wouldn’t believe what miracle happened! We were teaching him about the atonement of Jesus Christ. This man walks in to the store (there are a lot of people) and I didn’t think anything of it, but I smile and nod, and continue with the lesson. A little bit later the man leaves and I smiled again. We were in the middle of our lesson. The man turns around, a bit hesitant, and walks over to our table and says, “Sorry to interrupt you, but can I ask you something?” He then asked how he could contact us haha.
I immediately was like, “We are missionaries for the Church of Jesus-Christ of Latter Day Saints.”
He responded, “Yeah,”
“We share a message about God and Jesus Christ.”
“Yeah, I know…” We were stunned! We all start talking and he wanted to know how it worked, if we read scriptures with people and met with them. At the end he said, “Thanks, I have a lot of questions.” It was so cool! I don’t think I’ve ever had someone come up to me who was interested and wanted to meet with us like that before. Brother J and our member started testifying to him too. It was great!
Gah I have so many stories to tell and there is no time! But it really was a good week. We had a lot of activities which was awesome! We had a lot of our investigators and less actives come to our Christmas party which was wonderful! Having members say hi to them is essential. I don’t think I really realized that but it makes such a difference! If you see a new face, even if you’re not sure, or someone you haven’t seen for a while- say hi! It makes the world of difference.
I love you all so much! Thanks for everything- I really do appreciate it and love it. Keep up being great member missionaries. Let me in on your neat experiences. I hope you enjoy this Christmas season! I love seeing the warmth of Christ touch others. I know the Savior lives and loves us. Our Savior gave his life for each one of us and holds his arms out stretched for us. All he wants is us- and how great shall be our joy! I love Christmas. I love seeing the lights and the smiles on other’s faces. I love seeing people help others as they give and love. That’s what Christmas is all about- Christ.
I love you and hope you have an AMAZING WEEK!
Sister Godfrey

December 9 – Let it snow!

9 Dec
It’s snowing!!!!! Yeppiee! Just thought you’d all like to know! We are so set and ready to go for winter!

The Christmas devotional was wonderful! I just love hearing from our leaders and it is always a perfect way to start off Christmas. I love when (I forget who…) said that the missionaries get to carry this message of Jesus Christ to the world. I was like, “That’s me!”. How neat is that?! Love it!
The beginning of the week we had splits which was pretty fun, actually I had a lot of fun. I was with Sister Sherwood and she is just such a powerful missionary! It was so neat to learn from her and get so many ideas. While on splits we went by this one less active sister, J A who we lost contact with because she just wouldn’t return any of our calls or answer when we went to her house. We hadn’t gone by for a couple of weeks and decided we would stop by. We called her on the intercom, she picked up and when she found out it was us she said, “Would you like to come up!?”. Things had been going pretty crazy and was difficult but she was grateful that we came by. Now we are back teaching her! So that was a cool miracle.
Sister M is so positive and fun to be with. We are both excited for Christmas. I didn’t think I was that excited for Christmas (haha that sounds like I’m the Grinch) but I woke up Sunday morning and was like “There is 17 days until Christmas!!!” And with the devotional last night I am so ready to go! It’s great because people are so much more open and happy this time of year. We can touch them in ways that we normally can’t.
Another awesome miracle that happened this week was that this Sunday we had three of our investigators at church!!! They all stayed for the whole thing and liked it! Guess who came?? L!!! She really was a miracle. It’s all with the power of member-missionaries. We called her Friday to see how she was doing and asked if she was coming to church. She said she would try but wasn’t sure. Then on Saturday we called up M and asked if she would call L and invite her to church. She was getting a ride from another member to church so it would be perfect. M called and L said yes! Then L called us that night and told us she was going! I know that having members care about the investigators makes such a difference! I was worried about how L enjoyed church because I don’t think she knew it was three hours long haha. And in Sunday school the lesson was about the Millennium  But I asked her at the end if she liked it and she said yes and then when I asked her what her favourite part was she replied, “Oh, probably talking about the Millennium . What!? Sweet!!!
Oh! Totally have another quick story. Yesterday we were visiting a less active Brother…. en espanol! We have been teaching him for a while usually in Spanglish but we decided that he needs to hear the gospel in Spanish (his first language- he completely knows english but it makes a difference hearing about spiritual things in your first language). We also had a great member with us- who just cares about him so much! Friends make all the difference! Anyways, to be honest, I struggle with understanding Spanish but I got most of what was going on. When I spoke and was testifying of the things we were teaching I felt like it was so simple and not coming out right. Sister M later told me that is was right- that I even had the little words in the right places in the sentences. It’s hard to explain cause even I don’t understand. When she told me I was like “I didn’t even know that!” I know that it was through the gift of the Holy Ghost. It was pretty cool to see that work.
Wow. I talk a lot. Just too many things to be grateful for! I feel so lucky and grateful for the people we have to work with. They are amazing! Truly, we have such awesome people we are teaching and seeing them progress a lot lately. I love it! Haha, I’m thinking of even more stories. I’ll save them for another time!
I want you to know that I know that God lives. I know that Jesus Christ is the Saviour of the world and that He lived and died for us- each person individually. I don’t understand how he could have done it, but I know that he did. He loves us and wants us to become like him. I know that it is through living the gospel of Jesus Christ and the commandments that we find true and lasting happiness- peace amongst the turmoils of the world. I love God and am grateful for His trust as a representative of Jesus Christ.
I hope you have an amazing week! Remember the Saviour during this Christmas season and to reach out and help others feel the love that Christ has for them. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! Seriously, thank you for everything. You are amazing!
Sister Godfrey

December 2 – It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

3 Dec
Helloooo! I have so much to tell I feel like 😀 This week was awesome! Our investigators are progressing and we have seen a lot of miracles with our people. And it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!! Bring on the snow! And I love having Sister M (seriously, I’m so grateful and excited to spend Christmas time with her). Since she is from Mexico she loves the snow! And it makes it fun 😀

Thanksgiving at the G family! It was so much fun! They are such an amazing family. I love them!

Thanksgiving at the G family! It was so much fun! They are such an amazing family. I love them!

Okay, so many people… I hope you are ready! S, our investigator, we’ve been teaching her for a few months now and she just wasn’t keeping her commitments. She goes through so many trials, one after the other but the week before she was reading the Book of Mormon! This week we went over with a member to give her a blessing. The member we brought was awesome! He was really able to teach her. S was telling us these things she was learning about God- how it made sense. She explained that just like someone created a huge (she saw this on youtube) Mario lego masterpiece- that there was a design behind it, a plan and a purpose to its existence and that someone had to have created it- was just how we are. That God created us, that we had a design behind us and a purpose. It was so cool to see it click for her. She was a bit hesitant of prayer before but one night she just had a bad day and decided to pray. She wasn’t expecting much but she knelt down and started- she said everything just came out and that she prayed for a really long time. At the end she said she felt a difference- that she felt “profound”! That was really cool.
And L! She is doing great! M lives like a 5 minute walk away from her and we felt they would be awesome friends. We took M with us and it was fantastic! Let me tell ya that M is a great missionary (and just sincerely loves people and cares for them)! This Saturday we had a Relief Society activity and she took L to it. L had a great time! And didn’t want to leave haha! The gospel will bless her life so much!
Relief socitey activity- the service project was making blankets for a local battered womans shelter. Good time!

Relief socitey activity- the service project was making blankets for a local battered womans shelter. Good time!

I just got to tell you a cool thing about our investigator C. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to have a lesson with her this past week because she was in Ontario. But she called us Thursday to see how we were doing (she is the sweetest person ever!) and we invited her to the activity. She came! Then she came on Sunday. It was announced that our ward was going to rehearse for a stake musical presentation for Christmas. All on her own C decided she wanted to be a part of it so we went with her! Then in the middle someone was like, “I’m hungry” (fast sunday) and C whispered to me that she was too. She looked at me and said “Fasting is kind of hard.” I was like “What??!” She told me “Yeah, I heard someone say that the first of every month you fast.” I was like, “Yeah, yeah that’s right!” Hahah she is just amazing!!!! Couldn’t believe it! Love it 😀 It’s amazing to see that we really just teach the doctrine and teach with the spirit. But the rest is themselves. And in the end the Spirit is the one who teaches and begins to change their heart as they make those changes to come closer to Christ. This gospel is wonderful!
Well, I told you a lot this week. Hope it wasn’t too long. I think I’ll put one of the stories at the end of my email in case you won’t be able to make it all the way through ha. Anyways, I love you all so much. Thank you for everything you do. Keep being amazing missionaries. You can change the lives of so many as you share the gospel. You never know what your actions may do. I have seen how much the gospel of Jesus Christ has changed others lives but especially my own. I don’t know where I’d be without it. I’m glad I don’t have to know. I love God and I know that he is there. I know that He is our Father and that he loves us and wants us to come unto Him. I know that He is there to hear us, to comfort us, to bless us, to guide us and to love us. This gospel makes me happy.
I LOVE YOU and hope you have an AMAZING week!
Sister Godfrey
Here’s the other story!
We also had the opportunity to teach this one man. He is a bit older (70s?), lived in Montreal for about 15ish years and is from Czech Solvakia. He was found by a senior missionary couple (just talking to him in their apartment elevator and getting to know him more- cool eh!). He is a really neat man. I won’t talk too much about him but it’s so neat to see that he just understands things. He has such a desire and great faith. We talked about the Book of Mormon and read a scripture (we were with a member family), Moroni 6:1-3, about baptism and together we choose a baptismal date (January 11th- Happy Birthday Matthew!). The next lesson we taught him he had been reading in the Book of Mormon and pondering upon that scirpture about baptism. He asked us sincerely, “I don’t know if I have a broken heart and a contrite spirit. How do I know if I do and am ready for baptism?” Let me tell you, he does! He’s just awesome! We had to pass him off to these other Sisters because he lives out of our assigned area. That’s okay, we all work for the same person!