November 11 – Happy Remembrance Day

11 Nov
Oh you all make me smile so much reading your emails! THANK YOU! I just love you all so much! Thanks for being amazing!

Stake Conference. I think I will start there this week. We had two general authorities come, Elder Smith (forget his first name) and Elder Paul B. Piper! They are pretty wonderful. The Stake President (same man as when Nathan was serving here- President Jarvis) of 9 years was released and another Presidency was called together. What a neat experience (I think I am spoiled cause not too long ago back home Elder Oaks came and saw us)!
The Saturday night session was completely dedicated to the Work of Salvation. It was completely different than I have ever seen. We had three panels, one of recent converts (which they asked M to be in!), the ward council and missionaries. They just went through questions and the role each planned and how we can hasten the Lord’s work. It was a pretty neat experience! We truly need all the help from everyone in order to fulfill the Lord’s call.
Then on Sunday Elder Piper just kept asking different people to come and bare their testimonies (no one knew who would be called up). The whole first hour and a half was testimonies! Then for the last 30 minutes Elder Smith and Elder Piper talked to us. The Spirit was so strong! It was such an amazing experience. I loved it!
We had some of our investigators there and they really enjoyed it! One of our less actives, who we have been inviting to church for a while now, came to Stake Conference! It was wonderful!
One of our members, Sister R, is a great member missionary (I might have mentioned her before. I’m not sure). She invited her friend, E to come to conference and her friend came to both sessions and really was touched! We were able to talk to her for a little bit. Yesterday we had planned to go to the R’s house… and guess who was there?! E! We had a nice supper together and got to know each other more. At the end we were able to explain more about conference and how the church worked and shared with her our testimonies. At the end Sister R asked E to give the closing prayer. E was hesitant at first but after we explained it she gave a beautiful prayer. We are planning to have another lesson with E next week!
We are all pretty excited to be going to the temple this Saturday with M. It is going to be such a beautiful spiritual experience for her. What a blessing to be a part of it too!
Other than that things are going well. It’s starting to get cold! It has only snowed for a little bit twice this week and nothing sticks but we know its coming! Bring it on!
Thank you for being such great examples and missionaries. I know that this gospel is true. I know that God lives and is real. I have felt His love and influence in my life everyday and know that only through Him can I have lasting peace and happiness. It is such a blessing in my life!
Love you all! Have an AWESOME week!
Sister Godfrey
P.S. I tried to send pictures… but ovbisously it didn’t work. Good ol’Montreal internet cafes. JK. Just know that I tried some awesome Filapino food (including blood pudding- which yes, it is made from pig blood. That was interesting haha. Next time they said that we will have to try a Filipino delicacy- duck egg- with the fetus/baby duck still in it. hahaha. Delicious! I’ll take a picture for you Mom!)

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