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November 25 – TRANSFERS!!!! GUESS WHAT?!?!

26 Nov
I think each week when I get to hear from you I am reminded how blessed I am with having such an amazing family! I love you!

This week we had some pretty cool experiences! First of all though guess what happened?!?! TRANSFERS!!!! Guesses??? I will be…… staying! Hahaha. Yeppers! This is kind of not too normal either, after all I have been in this area for what will be 5 transfers! Heavenly Father must have some good plans for me!
To be honest, at the beginning of the transfer when our zone had interviews with President he told me about training and all and said, “I am confident that you will be good for 12 weeks here” haha. On the way back home I felt a bit sad because I wanted to go and see other places and serve. But this transfer I have just fallen in love with the people here and the closer transfer calls came I did not want to leave!! I can’t wait for this transfer. I can feel that Sister M and I are going to have such great miracles. We are really trying to work hard and trust in the Lord.
Okay, some cool stories about this week! We have been working with this one woman, L. It was hard to get a hold of her for a while but we found that doing stop by’s whenever we are in the area works great! This last week we went over and she was moving some furniture (we only had about 15 min before we had to leave for our next appointment) so we offered to help! We put some CDs in a CD case for her ha. Her sister was over and we were able to get to know her a bit. She is Jehovah’s Witness and very passionate about that. We really wanted to leave a quick message with L and her. We knew that it might result in some ‘bible bashing’ or conflict which first, would not invite the Spirit and second, we did not have time for that. We decided that we would sing one verse of ‘I Am a Child of God’. At first her sister started talking about God’s name and wouldn’t let us talk. But we started singing. At the end of the song L’s sister, L2, was like “That touched me so much” with tears in her eyes. She jumped up and gave us a hug. Haha it was pretty cool to see her change. She was like “I don’t care who you are, we both believe in God and use his name. Thank you.”
I love being able to be that instrument to touch people, in whatever way it may be, and to whomever we meet. I just wish I had more time to write more stories! Just know that life is amazing! Thanks for everything! Keep up the good work and keep up being missionaries! Send me your stories!
I love you and hope you have a WONDERFUL week!
Sister Godfrey

November 18 – “Oh that I were an angel…”

19 Nov

My dearest most AMAZING family,

I love ya. A lot. Hope you know it!
I have so much to tell you about it’s ridiculous ha. I’m dying to tell you about this Saturday. It was the most beautiful day. I have never felt so blessed and loved in my life.
It started with having the most beautiful sunshine filled day! It was like at least 14C! I didn’t even wear a jacket and was loving it! Heavenly Father is wonderful. We left for the temple in the morning with M and J. We met Sister V, Sister G (her companion) and Sister R. What a spiritual experience!
The Spirit was so strong. You could feel it as if we were enveloped with this joy and peace. As M was baptized as proxy for her daughter (she died at 21 from cancer) and her Grandmother I felt the Spirit. It was the first time I truly had the thought that I had promised her I would come and help her- that I would bring her closer to God and the gospel. She also had a young man be baptized in behalf of her father and grandfather. She whispered over to me as we watched and said “I am so happy!”. Me too! I’m not really sure how to express the experience of it but it was beautiful and wonderful. The whole day I just felt so happy- my joy was full.
M and I.  Just look at how happy she is!

M and I. Just look at how happy she is!

Temple with M - left to right is J,  me, Sister M, M, Sister V, and Sister G (her companion)

Temple with M – left to right is J, me, Sister M, M, Sister V, and Sister G (her companion)

And yes, we also went out to celebrate (despite my objections- I wanted the whole day to be all about M, but M nor anyone else would allow that… so I was out voted..) my birthday. I am so spoiled haha. It was super fun and I was so happy to spend it with those that I consider family. It was one of my most favourite birthdays- after all, how many birthdays do you get to go to the temple with someone you love for their first time to do baptisms for their daughter and family members? Yeah, kinda awesome.
Thanks for the sparklers mom and dad!  They came in handy!  M and Sister de la G, a member, bought me Rockaberry (the best, seriously, pie and cheesecake place) chocolate cheesecake!  Kind of a spoiled misssionary...

Thanks for the sparklers mom and dad! They came in handy! M and Sister de la G, a member, bought me Rockaberry (the best, seriously, pie and cheesecake place) chocolate cheesecake! Kind of a spoiled misssionary…

All of us at the restaurant after we ate El Salvadorian food.

All of us at the restaurant after we ate El Salvadorian food.

We also had a good lesson with our investigator C (who is the sweetest person ever- I just love her!). We started teaching at U de M- the spirit was definitely there… and they decided to shut down in the middle of our lesson (but that didn’t stop us)… so we went to McDonald’s and continued to have a great lesson. She keeps opening up a lot. I can’t wait to tell her more!
At the end of the day while walking home, I didn’t want to go home! At all! I just felt this urgent and almost desperate desire to share what I knew about God and his plan for us with everyone.
I echo the words of Alma as he expressed, “O that I were an angel, and could have the wish of mine heart, that I might go forth and speak with the trump of God, with a voice to shake the earth, and cry repentance unto every people! Yea, I would declare unto every soul, as with the voice of thunder, repentance and the plan of redemption, that they should repent and come unto our God, that there might not be more sorrow upon all the face of the earth.” (Alma 29:1-2)
I love being a missionary! And I love the Lord. I know that this gospel blesses our lives and our families. Keep doing the amazing missionary work you are doing! Who knows who we can touch! I love you all. Thank you so much for your letters and emails… and birthday wishes and EVERYTHING! You fill my life with so much happiness! I love you and pray for you.
Sister Godfrey
...and that's some french for you!

…and that’s some french for you!

November 11 – Happy Remembrance Day

11 Nov
Oh you all make me smile so much reading your emails! THANK YOU! I just love you all so much! Thanks for being amazing!

Stake Conference. I think I will start there this week. We had two general authorities come, Elder Smith (forget his first name) and Elder Paul B. Piper! They are pretty wonderful. The Stake President (same man as when Nathan was serving here- President Jarvis) of 9 years was released and another Presidency was called together. What a neat experience (I think I am spoiled cause not too long ago back home Elder Oaks came and saw us)!
The Saturday night session was completely dedicated to the Work of Salvation. It was completely different than I have ever seen. We had three panels, one of recent converts (which they asked M to be in!), the ward council and missionaries. They just went through questions and the role each planned and how we can hasten the Lord’s work. It was a pretty neat experience! We truly need all the help from everyone in order to fulfill the Lord’s call.
Then on Sunday Elder Piper just kept asking different people to come and bare their testimonies (no one knew who would be called up). The whole first hour and a half was testimonies! Then for the last 30 minutes Elder Smith and Elder Piper talked to us. The Spirit was so strong! It was such an amazing experience. I loved it!
We had some of our investigators there and they really enjoyed it! One of our less actives, who we have been inviting to church for a while now, came to Stake Conference! It was wonderful!
One of our members, Sister R, is a great member missionary (I might have mentioned her before. I’m not sure). She invited her friend, E to come to conference and her friend came to both sessions and really was touched! We were able to talk to her for a little bit. Yesterday we had planned to go to the R’s house… and guess who was there?! E! We had a nice supper together and got to know each other more. At the end we were able to explain more about conference and how the church worked and shared with her our testimonies. At the end Sister R asked E to give the closing prayer. E was hesitant at first but after we explained it she gave a beautiful prayer. We are planning to have another lesson with E next week!
We are all pretty excited to be going to the temple this Saturday with M. It is going to be such a beautiful spiritual experience for her. What a blessing to be a part of it too!
Other than that things are going well. It’s starting to get cold! It has only snowed for a little bit twice this week and nothing sticks but we know its coming! Bring it on!
Thank you for being such great examples and missionaries. I know that this gospel is true. I know that God lives and is real. I have felt His love and influence in my life everyday and know that only through Him can I have lasting peace and happiness. It is such a blessing in my life!
Love you all! Have an AWESOME week!
Sister Godfrey
P.S. I tried to send pictures… but ovbisously it didn’t work. Good ol’Montreal internet cafes. JK. Just know that I tried some awesome Filapino food (including blood pudding- which yes, it is made from pig blood. That was interesting haha. Next time they said that we will have to try a Filipino delicacy- duck egg- with the fetus/baby duck still in it. hahaha. Delicious! I’ll take a picture for you Mom!)

November 4 – Hablar espanol por favor!

5 Nov
So many things to tell you about! Let me get started!

First off, C. She is wonderful! I can’t remember if I told you about her before but she was a friend of S. We asked him if he knew someone who would be interested and two lessons  later he brought her along! Now she’s our investigator- and she is awesome!
She is originally from Ontario but moved to Montreal within the past few years. She is in her 30’s and going to school right now. She grew up Catholic but is searching to be closer to God and have more peace in her life. Good news: she came to the right place! We had an awesome lesson with her this past week and invited her to a baptism this weekend. She came and enjoyed herself and then came to church the next day! She really liked church and stayed for all three hours and then another 30 or more minutes talking to J (her fellowshipper). When we asked her how she liked church she said she didn’t understand some parts (about the plan of salvation) but said “I think that will come with time”. She’s pretty cool! We are excited to continue working with her!
Last Saturday a lady from the Philippines was baptized and it was her birthday so she celebrated by cooking a WHOLE pig!

Last Saturday a lady from the Philippines was baptized and it was her birthday so she celebrated by cooking a WHOLE pig!

Sister J (an awesome member missionary) and I ate pig skin for the first time!

Sister J (an awesome member missionary) and I ate pig skin for the first time!

We also went to a less active sister in our ward with our Relief Society President. The lady is Sister L, born in Mexico but lived in Montreal for most of her life. She has 3 kids- two girls and one boy. The two girls were there (7 and 10). They were so cute and fun! I just love them. And the best part is I think they like us too! We had a really good lesson and Sister L opened up to us about why she wasn’t coming to church. We invited her to retake the missionary lessons with her family and she was kind of hesitant at first saying that her kids had taken them 2 times already before they were baptized. But the girls were so excited and really wanted it. So she was like “well, since the girls are so excited I guess we better have you come”. That was exciting!
One last cool thing. Yesterday we went to a members home, the R family. They are awesome! The husband is less active right now but they accepted to take the missionary lessons. We had some awesome Dominican Republic food and I used a lot of my Spanish so that was lots of fun. Afterwards, Sister R (crazy awesome member missionary) went with us to knock on her neighbours door who spoke Spanish- we ended up having a lesson there (all in Spanish!) and then sister R wanted to try this other door- the lady opened up and let us come in- and she spoke Spanish! We had practically 3 Spanish lessons yesterday. I loved it! Muchas esponal!
Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

When the toilet overflowed.  Just so you can all enjoy!

When the toilet overflowed. Just so you can all enjoy!

We tried Indian food today with M.  It was delicious and spicy!

We tried Indian food today with M. It was delicious and spicy!

Something you said about seeing the windows of heaven in our eyes. it’s so true Mom. This one lady phoned us earlier today saying that she had met us in the metros when we talked to her. We gave her a pass along card and said if she ever knew of anyone or herself that needed help to call us. She was struck by our kindess and said that she saw our “purity and innocence- something in our faces” and she kept thinking of us. it was really cool. You never know what influence you will have upon people- in what we do or say just everyday. It’s kind of cool.
I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! Seriously, thank you for everything you do! I am super happy to hear from you. You are amazing missionaries- keep it up! I know Heavenly Father is there for us and through the grace of Jesus Christ our weaknesses are made up. I love you! Have a WONDERFULLY AMAZING week!
Con amour,
Sister Godfrey