October 7 – Tengo gozo en mi alma

8 Oct
Hola! First off, I would like to offically declare my language. I asked my Mission President (I finally decided to ask haha) what language I was called to serve in. And…… SPANISH! Magnifico!

Wasn’t General Conference awesome?! It was amazing! I wrote 7 questions down (many for my investigators) and then prayed that I would be able to have them answered through the Holy Ghost and the talks. And guess what?! Every single question was answered. It was a pretty cool experience. I definitely recommend it!
This past week was filled with a lot of service! It was great! One thing that I loved about conference and have been wondering about is how I can do missionary work better and connect with people better. One of the talks talked about how you do missionary work in “natural ways”and that people will be able to feel your positive influence.
After that session we were taking the bus. We hopped on and as I was looking where I should go (I have a goal to follow what I call the 10 second rule- 10 seconds to find someone to talk to!) I noticed this lady who smiled at me. I walked over, smiled and asked her how her day was going. We ended up having a great conversation about how she came to find God and the importance of having that influence in our lives. She was off to a hockey game (go Canada :D) but was like “Give me a call!”. It was so cool to see how just being positive and happy leads to natural ways to share the gospel. Heavenly Father will truly put people in our path. I love it!
This conference was a lot about missionary work and the hastening of Salvation. I love how our mission president reminds us, “It’s not me telling you, it comes from the Prophet and Apostles and they get it from the Lord”. Heavenly Father loves us and wants to have his other children feel of his love as well. Missionary work isn’t something that needs to be hard. It simply happens as we naturally seek to help others and share with them our love. Keep up your great work! Let me know of your missionary experiences!
Thanks for your love and support. I love you. Have a fantastic week!
Another piano!

Another piano!

Sister Godfrey

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