Hola Familia!

30 Sep
Well happy Monday! It was super awesome to hear from all of you today! Thanks for your emails! Sounds like you’ve all been pretty busy and enjoying life so thats always great!

Montreal has been doing fantastic! And guess what!?!? After 3 years of investigating the church… M got baptized! There was so much opposition that she faced this week. Let me tell you M is a woman of strength! She endured so much and gave so much to become a member of this church and even lost many of her friends. She has so much faith and a complete and sincere desire to follow the will of the Lord. I admire her so much! What an amazing day!
M's baptism!

M’s baptism!

M's baptism!

M’s baptism!

The baptismal service was a beautiful experience. President Patrick (my mission president) baptized her and when she entered the water, he briefly and calmly explained what would happen. As he began the ordinance the spirit was so strong and touched all of us- she started crying. After she came up out of the water she just stood there and it was so peaceful and beautiful. She came to us (we were standing by the doors where she was to come) and we all stood speechless surrounded by the love of the Saviour. She whispered to us “Its finally done… I feel so happy”. Goodness I could just shout (literally) for joy! Its amazing to see how Heavenly Father touches each of our lives and how the gospel of Jesus Christ changes us. There’s nothing better than being a missionary I tell ya! LOVE IT!
Okay, in other news…. hmmm… well there is something that I learned this week. Sister L is teaching me so much! She is awesome with contacting. I sometimes struggle with asking for their number- I can talk to them but getting their number is a little harder. But! Sister L just goes right in and gets it- fearless and immovable. And so I have really been trying hard to talk to them, bare testimony and get a way to contact them. And the best part? It’s working!!! We have found so many more people this week. You just have to have that sincere faith that you can help them and reach them.
Just yesterday we were on our way back home from an appointment. This guy on the street asked us where the metro was. We were heading there so we told him he could follow us (sneak attack- little did he know… just kidding! but not really… haha). And we started talking to him which lead to asking him about his religious beliefs and all… and voila! Who knows where it will go but its so cool to see how the simple opportunities God gives us leads to opportunities to share his work. The work of Salvation! How great is our calling!
Okay, well I was going to try and keep it short… oh well.
A disgustingly huge spider we found on our balcony - oh the things you find in Montreal!

A disgustingly huge spider we found on our balcony – oh the things you find in Montreal!

I love you guys so much. Seriously, you are amazing examples in my life. I think of everything I have learned from you and continue to learn from you- thanks for helping me come closer to our Saviour. Keep on shining that light you have- who knows who it will touch but I promise you that it will touch someone.
Have an AMAZING week! Love you!
Sister Godfrey 🙂


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