September 9 – It’s getting cold already!

9 Sep
Hola! Sorry I’m not sure how long I will have to write today because our usual place for emails was closed so we are at another place and we will see how long we get before they kick us off haha. So I’m writing home first.
Sister Lucas and I had a great week! First of all, she is awesome! This is actually her last transfer in the mission so she knows A LOT! I am super excited to learn lots of tricks and stuff. It’s been fun because even when she is teaching she has these awesome metaphors and stuff that makes the stuff we are teaching so clear and simple. I love it! And more so, I just love her! I’ve even been able to use a little bit of Spanish so that’s been fun.
This week we had a really cool experience with Ja (J’s friend- referral). We have been able to teach there twice this past week and each time it’s great! Whenever we ask when we can come back they are like “How about tomorrow?”. They are awesome! Ja is a little bit shy about answering our questions but he’s been getting a lot more comfortable which is awesome. He is genuinely interested in finding out the truth and seeing if it really is true. When we were talking about prophets he said he had a question and he asked, “How do I know if they are a true prophet?” I was like “That’s a great question!” We gave him a Book of Mormon and asked if he would begin to read it and ask if it was true. He said he would certainly try. J is fantastic because she is able to be there to encourage him and because they are great friends he trusts her and really is interested in not only what we say but also what she says. It’s a great support system!
 2013-09-09 the Petela family with Sister LucasSister Lucas and I with the P family.

We also had the opportunity to go to a members house, the P family, yesterday. They are awesome! Their family is very active and involved in the Church and such great examples. They have lived in Montréal for about a year and a half and are from France. They know mostly french and are learning english. I knew that they are a lot more comfortable in French, especially the children, so when we were there for supper yesterday I tried really hard to use my French. It was kinda funny because I didn’t know much to say haha and then one of them was like, “Don’t worry you can speak in English because I don’t understand you when you speak in French.” Hahahaha. I thought it was pretty funny, embarrassing but mostly funny. So yeah, my french is coming along great! Just thought that was funny.
One more quick note about M. I just love her! She has a hard time with Relief Society because she finds it a bit too much and boring. But she has come the past two times. Yesterday the lesson was on the work of salvation. She was asked to share her experience about how she came to find the gospel. She just stood up started bearing her testimony and conversion story (thus far). She was awesome and the Spirit was there when she spoke. I was so proud of her progress and testimony. She is amazing! I definitely know that she will be such a strength to the Church and especially to the women of the Church. She is just so strong!
 2013-09-09 Rockaberry - best cheesecake ever!  Last P-Day with Sister VarelaMy last P-Day with Sister Varela. Rockaberry – best cheesecake ever!

This has been a fun week of trying to figure things out without Sister Varela (I realized that she did a lot of stuff- hah and I thought I was really helping a lot haha). Along with that I have been able to feel an immense love for these people. This gospel is true and I know that this work is truly Heavenly Fathers. I love him and am so grateful to be able to serve him. I love you all and am so grateful for your love and support. I pray for you everyday. Keep being that great example to me and so many others.You are wonderful. I love you! Have an awesome week!
2013-09-09 Thank you so much!!!!Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It really made my day!
Sister Godfrey

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