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Hola Familia!

30 Sep
Well happy Monday! It was super awesome to hear from all of you today! Thanks for your emails! Sounds like you’ve all been pretty busy and enjoying life so thats always great!

Montreal has been doing fantastic! And guess what!?!? After 3 years of investigating the church… M got baptized! There was so much opposition that she faced this week. Let me tell you M is a woman of strength! She endured so much and gave so much to become a member of this church and even lost many of her friends. She has so much faith and a complete and sincere desire to follow the will of the Lord. I admire her so much! What an amazing day!
M's baptism!

M’s baptism!

M's baptism!

M’s baptism!

The baptismal service was a beautiful experience. President Patrick (my mission president) baptized her and when she entered the water, he briefly and calmly explained what would happen. As he began the ordinance the spirit was so strong and touched all of us- she started crying. After she came up out of the water she just stood there and it was so peaceful and beautiful. She came to us (we were standing by the doors where she was to come) and we all stood speechless surrounded by the love of the Saviour. She whispered to us “Its finally done… I feel so happy”. Goodness I could just shout (literally) for joy! Its amazing to see how Heavenly Father touches each of our lives and how the gospel of Jesus Christ changes us. There’s nothing better than being a missionary I tell ya! LOVE IT!
Okay, in other news…. hmmm… well there is something that I learned this week. Sister L is teaching me so much! She is awesome with contacting. I sometimes struggle with asking for their number- I can talk to them but getting their number is a little harder. But! Sister L just goes right in and gets it- fearless and immovable. And so I have really been trying hard to talk to them, bare testimony and get a way to contact them. And the best part? It’s working!!! We have found so many more people this week. You just have to have that sincere faith that you can help them and reach them.
Just yesterday we were on our way back home from an appointment. This guy on the street asked us where the metro was. We were heading there so we told him he could follow us (sneak attack- little did he know… just kidding! but not really… haha). And we started talking to him which lead to asking him about his religious beliefs and all… and voila! Who knows where it will go but its so cool to see how the simple opportunities God gives us leads to opportunities to share his work. The work of Salvation! How great is our calling!
Okay, well I was going to try and keep it short… oh well.
A disgustingly huge spider we found on our balcony - oh the things you find in Montreal!

A disgustingly huge spider we found on our balcony – oh the things you find in Montreal!

I love you guys so much. Seriously, you are amazing examples in my life. I think of everything I have learned from you and continue to learn from you- thanks for helping me come closer to our Saviour. Keep on shining that light you have- who knows who it will touch but I promise you that it will touch someone.
Have an AMAZING week! Love you!
Sister Godfrey 🙂


September 23

24 Sep

Pictures from the botanical gardens!  Pretty neat eh!  All plants and stuff.

Pictures from the botanical gardens! Pretty neat eh! All plants and stuff.

2013-09-23 Botanical Gardens 82013-09-23 Botanical Gardens 52013-09-23 Botanical Gardens 42013-09-23 Botanical Gardens 32013-09-23 Botanical Gardens 2

Well guess what!? Happy Monday! I have the best family ever- thanks for your emails and lots of support! Sure love ya! Also, I apologize for the thousand pictures. I just normally never send any cool ones and now I’ve got some!

This week has been pretty awesome! We had the baptism for P which was great. He is just so ready and we’ve talked to him a bit about the temple… and he was like “When can I go to the temple?!?!” And we met his daughter, I! She’s pretty cool and said that she would be willing to hear the lessons- so we are going to start to teach her! Pretty awesome how it all starts!
Before P's baptism with his daughter I.

Before P’s baptism with his daughter I.

After P's baptism!

After P’s baptism!

We had some cool stuff happen this week. One was with S, I had mentioned her before (she has had a pretty rough past and made a lot of good changes lately). We haven’t been able to teach her for a couple of weeks because she or her daughter kept getting sick. Finally we had a lesson with her this past Saturday. We had a couple of concerns with her. The first being that she went to this other LDS church a couple times in a different area because it was closer to where she needed to pick up her daughter from her mother’s and her friend went there. The second being that her scheduled baptism was for October 6th but if that was going to happen we needed to start teaching her at least 2 or 3 times a week- and we didn’t even know where she stood on that.
So we went and I just decided to ask her straight up. When I told her about the church boundaries (because if she kept going there we probably would have had to pass her off but she was also in our boundaries) and she was just like “Okay, well, I can make an effort to go to the one here.” Hahaha I was just like, “Alright then, awesome.” And we asked her about how she felt about her baptism and she replied “Pretty good actually…. but I have a question. Can I invite my family?” And when we told her about meeting more often she was simply like “Alright, I can meet Monday, Tuesday, Thursday….” Yeah. Cool right! I say so! So we are off to teach her today!
I love being a missionary. Seriously, it’s awesome. I love seeing the lives of others change- especially just seeing that flame of faith being sparked and engulfing them with the love of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It’s wonderful. This is exactly where I belong!
Sister L and I hiked up Mount Royal

Sister L and I hiked up Mount Royal

This is the second random piano I've seen in the city where you can just go and play it in public.  This took a lot of guts but lots of fun, haha!

This is the second random piano I’ve seen in the city where you can just go and play it in public. This took a lot of guts but lots of fun, haha!

I love you all and thank you for your love and prayers. I miss ya and pray for you. Have an AWESOME week! Keep being those great examples you are.
Sister Godfrey

September 16 – A week full of miracles!

16 Sep
Guess what?!?!  We had a food drive too!  It was awesome!  left to right:  M, Sister M, me and Sister L!

Guess what?!?! We had a food drive too! It was awesome! left to right: M, Sister M, me and Sister L!

Wow! This week was awesome! I have seen so many miracles lately. I don’t even know where to begin! I wish I could tell you all of the amazing experiences that are happening. But I will tell you two of my favourites!
P. Haha I don’t know where to start! We hadn’t seen him for about a week until last Tuesday and he didn’t come to church last week. That is unusual for him and that worried me. It turned out that he was in the hospital! Everything is okay now and back to normal. When we met with him on Tuesday he was like “So when is my baptism again?” We still had a lot of commandments to teach him and you have to live them all for a week before your baptism so we thought we would have to move it back. It was scheduled for this Saturday, the 21st. But P was like “Well, I can meet you Today, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday”. So guess what?!?! We taught him all the commandments and he is ready for his baptism this Saturday! He is so prepared and so ready to be baptized. He is AWESOME! He practically has been living all the commandments for about 11 years already. God has definitely been preparing him for a long time and now he is ready! We are all pretty excited!
We have been working with M for awhile now and she has been investigating the church for a few years. Lately she has been progressing but it always goes up and down. To be honest, I really didn’t know what to do for her. We’ve been praying for a miracle and here it is… ! Yesterday M made it just in time for sacrament. I noticed that a couple were sitting in the back of the pews… they were Brother and Sister S (the parents of Elder S, who served here a few years ago who found and taught M who was the one who told us to go teach M again and still remains in contact with her. That family is awesome. And very involved with the church- fyi Brother S used to be a member of the quorum of the 70) who M knows and loves and admires. At the end of sacrament they all started talking and so Sister L and I decided to just go to the next class.
About 5 minutes to the end of class we saw M at the door motioning for us to come see her. I thought she was going to give me my jacket I left at her place and tell us she was leaving. But when we got out I saw that there were tears in her eyes (which then worried me!). But she just looked at us and said, “I’m going to be baptized”.
I almost starting crying! She was emotional too and you could see she was happy. She then was like, “Brother and Sister S came to set a date- let’s go.” Haha so we had an intense and very spiritual (amazing) lesson with them. M is going to be baptized on September 28th. It was a huge miracle! She called us last night and was telling us how excited she was. It was beyond wonderful. And Brother and Sister S came from Utah just for M and to set a date. It was incredible!
After the miracle on Sunday.  Brother and Sister S, M, Sister L and moi!

After the miracle on Sunday. Brother and Sister S, M, Sister L and moi!

Haha sorry this is getting kind of long. But I just wanted to share in the miracles that are happening here. The gospel is amazing and I love being about to see it change the lives of others. It brings so much peace and happiness. I know that Heavenly Father loves us and that this gospel is true.
Thank you so much for all your love and support. You are always in my prayers. Have an amazing week! Thank you for letting me know how you are all doing. Good luck with school and work and everything else. Remember who you are! Love you!
Sister Godfrey

September 9 – It’s getting cold already!

9 Sep
Hola! Sorry I’m not sure how long I will have to write today because our usual place for emails was closed so we are at another place and we will see how long we get before they kick us off haha. So I’m writing home first.
Sister Lucas and I had a great week! First of all, she is awesome! This is actually her last transfer in the mission so she knows A LOT! I am super excited to learn lots of tricks and stuff. It’s been fun because even when she is teaching she has these awesome metaphors and stuff that makes the stuff we are teaching so clear and simple. I love it! And more so, I just love her! I’ve even been able to use a little bit of Spanish so that’s been fun.
This week we had a really cool experience with Ja (J’s friend- referral). We have been able to teach there twice this past week and each time it’s great! Whenever we ask when we can come back they are like “How about tomorrow?”. They are awesome! Ja is a little bit shy about answering our questions but he’s been getting a lot more comfortable which is awesome. He is genuinely interested in finding out the truth and seeing if it really is true. When we were talking about prophets he said he had a question and he asked, “How do I know if they are a true prophet?” I was like “That’s a great question!” We gave him a Book of Mormon and asked if he would begin to read it and ask if it was true. He said he would certainly try. J is fantastic because she is able to be there to encourage him and because they are great friends he trusts her and really is interested in not only what we say but also what she says. It’s a great support system!
 2013-09-09 the Petela family with Sister LucasSister Lucas and I with the P family.

We also had the opportunity to go to a members house, the P family, yesterday. They are awesome! Their family is very active and involved in the Church and such great examples. They have lived in Montréal for about a year and a half and are from France. They know mostly french and are learning english. I knew that they are a lot more comfortable in French, especially the children, so when we were there for supper yesterday I tried really hard to use my French. It was kinda funny because I didn’t know much to say haha and then one of them was like, “Don’t worry you can speak in English because I don’t understand you when you speak in French.” Hahahaha. I thought it was pretty funny, embarrassing but mostly funny. So yeah, my french is coming along great! Just thought that was funny.
One more quick note about M. I just love her! She has a hard time with Relief Society because she finds it a bit too much and boring. But she has come the past two times. Yesterday the lesson was on the work of salvation. She was asked to share her experience about how she came to find the gospel. She just stood up started bearing her testimony and conversion story (thus far). She was awesome and the Spirit was there when she spoke. I was so proud of her progress and testimony. She is amazing! I definitely know that she will be such a strength to the Church and especially to the women of the Church. She is just so strong!
 2013-09-09 Rockaberry - best cheesecake ever!  Last P-Day with Sister VarelaMy last P-Day with Sister Varela. Rockaberry – best cheesecake ever!

This has been a fun week of trying to figure things out without Sister Varela (I realized that she did a lot of stuff- hah and I thought I was really helping a lot haha). Along with that I have been able to feel an immense love for these people. This gospel is true and I know that this work is truly Heavenly Fathers. I love him and am so grateful to be able to serve him. I love you all and am so grateful for your love and support. I pray for you everyday. Keep being that great example to me and so many others.You are wonderful. I love you! Have an awesome week!
2013-09-09 Thank you so much!!!!Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It really made my day!
Sister Godfrey

Time for a little bit of Spanish!

3 Sep

2013-09-03 My district (before transfers) and ward mission leaderMy district before transfers and the ward mission leader. They are awesome!

Get ready for it! Transfers….. I’m staying! Haha not too crazy but I am super excited to be staying here. We are in the middle of so much! And I love this ward and area. But it is a bittersweet thing…. Sister Varela is leaving me. She is off to the South of the Island to serve in a Spanish Ward! And my companion is going to be Sister Lucas. I don’t know her but I’ve heard great things! She is from Guatemala (bring on the Spanish!) and has been out for a while so it should be great to learn from her! I am excited! But will definitely miss Sister Varela- she’s just awesome!
2013-09-03 Sister Varela and ISister Varela and I. 2013-09-03 Sister Varela, Sister Wright and I in Old MontrealSister Varela, Sister Wright and I in Old Montreal.

We had splits this past Friday and wow! Miracles everywhere!!! We had a lesson with one of our investigators and then because we didn’t have enough time to go home and eat we skipped supper and went to a family who we taught a lesson to on the street once. We’ve been trying to meet with them again but they have a busy schedule and we’ve never been able to meet with them since. But we said a prayer that we would be able to teach them- and they were home! All three of them (They are an older family with a 30ish old son). It was such a cool lesson. There was just a sweet spirit and calmness. It was amazing- exactly what they needed.
Then we headed off to teach a less active member but we got there early so we decided to go knocking at this one apartment building. This one guy miraculously let us in and we chose the last floor and went straight to the first door. This lady opened the door and we talked for a couple of seconds and then I asked if she had about 5 to 10 minutes so we could share our exciting message with her. She let us in!
 2013-09-03 Tim Horton's cause we're just that cool! and we had to show the other sisters what it wasTim Horton’s cause we’re just that cool and we had to show the other sisters what it was.

After our lesson with her we went to our less active member and had a good lesson with her. Her friend was there last time and sat in on the lesson with us and so I asked her about him and if he would be interested. She said yes and gave us his number! The bus we take home wasn’t going to get us home in time so I called J and asked her if she could give us a ride home. She was more than willing (she’s awesome!) and her same friend was with her and picked us up! We had a great drive home and I asked him if he would be interested in coming to the next lesson we had with J. He asked when and said he worked. Then he was like “But ya know, I’ll just leave work for a bit and then go back. Yeah! That works!”.
It’s super exciting and we keep finding more people and members to work with! Missionary work is awesome! I know that Heavenly Father is working miracles in our lives and is ready to bless us… all we got to do is ask!
I love you all! Thank you so much for everything you do for me. You are such great examples and I love hearing all about your experiences. Have a FANTASTIC week!
Sister Godfrey