From Montreal!

26 Aug
I just can’t ever seem to keep things short. But unfortunately I’m going to have to try today cause there’s not too much time. It sounds like you are all enjoying the summer! I am glad you are all doing well. Thanks for sending me your emails and everything! You are AWESOME!

 2013-08-26 Old MontrealOld Montreal
This week has been pretty good! We have been doing a lot more work with some of our less active members which is great. They are wonderful and fun to get to know more!
 2013-08-26 Metrosthe Metros
We had a cool experience this week going to a members house. We were getting off the metros and trying to find this street which we really had no idea where it was. When I first got here I used to look at the map a lot but because that looks a bit silly and is really inefficient (but I can now actually find places on maps!) asking people is a whole lot better… and a great conversation starter . So I asked this one guy who actually looked like he was trying to find somewhere too but I thought I would ask him anyways. He didn’t know and was actually looking for a street. We tried to all help each other and it kinda worked out. But we were able to talk to him. He is awesome! He’s going to University here and is from Ontario. It was really cool because the whole conversation was pretty natural and as Sister Varela and I started talking about YSA and church he was pretty interested. Hopefully we will be able to meet with him this week!
A quick update on P- he is awesome! And just loves the Book of Mormon and always loves learning more! It’s really cool because whenever we teach him something he goes and applies it and then tells us how much it helped him! He even came to church this Sunday even though the day before he was in the hospital because he blacked out from playing soccer. Probably should have been getting better but he sure is dedicated! It’s great!
Well, I love you all and am grateful for your examples. It’s amazing to see the hand of God working with His children. I know that God performs miracles when we obey and follow what He asks us to do. It’s a pretty good deal we get!
Have a great week!
Sister Godfrey 🙂

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