August 5 – The World is Full of Beautiful Things, Like You!

12 Aug
Wow! I can’t believe it’s already been another week. That is the most beautiful and exciting thing that Eliza had her blessing! A few weeks ago there was a baby blessed here in our ward. Even though it was in some African language, the spirit was so strong and I couldn’t help but think of sweet Eliza! She is just SO cute! Also, I just love hearing from all of you guys. It really is the greatest! Sorry I can’t respond back more personally but just know that I love ya!

2013-08-05 The best way to get in

(It’s always best when apartments don’t have doors on them. Best way to get in!)
I have got to tell you about one of my investigators. Her name is S (hahah. So secretive!) She is a young single mother and has the sweetest Spirit and such a pure heart. Let me tell you how she was found (she was a pass off from some Elders). She was on the metros one day with her daughter and was thinking about what happens after this life (she says she has some anxiety about what happens after this life) when a missionary came up to her and started talking… she took that as a sign.
We’ve only had one lesson with her so far and when we started talking she was like “I stopped smoking yesterday because I knew Mormons didn’t smoke”.We were surprised but completely happy. She was raised Catholic but she says she doesn’t feel comfortable and wants something different.  She has had a rough past and feels a lot guilt. We told her that there was a way that all that guilt could go away and she could have a new start. I asked her how she would feel if that was true. She was almost breathless and said “wonderful”. It was amazing! She is just so ready and so willing and just wants to start a new life and change things around. Also, S told us she was going to go to church (a different one on the Island because that was the area she was going to be on that Sunday). We called her last night and she just LOVED church (she was a bit nervous about it)! She said that some of the testimonies that people gave spoke right to her and were beautiful. She cried. We have a meeting tonight! I can’t wait. Her question she had for us was simply, “I want to know what I need to do to get baptized”. Yep. Crazy awesome eh! Heavenly Father is just so amazing. He truly is preparing people. It’s a wonderful thing to be a part of. I LOVE IT!

2013-08-05 Espindola Family(Espindola Family. They are great! We had the privledge of showing them how to have FHE. We had it on service and got them to make cookies and give them to someone.) 

I love you all so much. Things are great here. It thankfully hasn’t been too humid so thankfully I’m still alive. But sometimes it just starts raining and when it rains it’s like a monsoon! Haha. Sister Varela and I have a lot of fun. Keep being great examples of Christ! It is such a blessing to have this gospel.
Oh! Btw, Sister Mimi came to my ward last week! It was a great surprise haha! She’s awesome. In gospel principles she came and was introducing herself and that she knew “Andrea”. She kept using my name and Sister Varela and I were like “Sister Godfrey! It’s Sister Godfrey!” It was pretty funny. I just love Sister Mimi!
Alrighty, this is pretty long… ah well. You just have to put up with me. I love you! Have an amazing week! Say hi to everyone for me at Mara Lake. Too bad you aren’t here in Montreal cause we’re doing some pretty awesome stuff. That’s alright though, Mara Lake is okay. LOVE YA!
P.S. Say hi to Eliza for me! And keep sending me pictures (Thanks Dad!).
Sister Godfrey  <— how neat is that!?!

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