August 12 – Another good week!

12 Aug
Okay, sorry, I really don’t have much time this week. But it sounds like you had an awesome week! I’m glad that you did and had awesome weather to enjoy time with the family. I was praying for you all to have a good time. Glad ya did! And Eliza!! She is just the cutest thing in the ENTIRE world!!!! I just love her so much!

IMG_0242(Squirrels are crazy here.)

Okay, so this week, we have had good weather! And Dad, I am slowly getting use to the humidity haha. We had an awesome lesson with P this week. He is just so enthusiastic about the gospel. He was telling us about the story of Nephi and just relating the whole thing to us for him. It was awesome. He was like “You know when Nephi went and…. that’s kinda like for me when…” or “It was so funny when he came out and his brothers didn’t know who he was”. He’s awesome.

Also, this week we really learned that Heavenly Father puts you in places where you need to be when you need to be there. We had this lesson fall through with one of our investigators. We were pretty bummed out but then we had a back up plan to go visit this one less active. We got there and she was there! And it was just at the perfect time. She had just found out the day before she was battling cancer and was so shaken up. We were able to be there to comfort her and give her help.
IMG_0245(Our street!)

Okay, got to go. Love you all! You are awesome! Thanks for everything you do. I really appreciate it!

Sister Godfrey

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