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From Montreal!

26 Aug
I just can’t ever seem to keep things short. But unfortunately I’m going to have to try today cause there’s not too much time. It sounds like you are all enjoying the summer! I am glad you are all doing well. Thanks for sending me your emails and everything! You are AWESOME!

 2013-08-26 Old MontrealOld Montreal
This week has been pretty good! We have been doing a lot more work with some of our less active members which is great. They are wonderful and fun to get to know more!
 2013-08-26 Metrosthe Metros
We had a cool experience this week going to a members house. We were getting off the metros and trying to find this street which we really had no idea where it was. When I first got here I used to look at the map a lot but because that looks a bit silly and is really inefficient (but I can now actually find places on maps!) asking people is a whole lot better… and a great conversation starter . So I asked this one guy who actually looked like he was trying to find somewhere too but I thought I would ask him anyways. He didn’t know and was actually looking for a street. We tried to all help each other and it kinda worked out. But we were able to talk to him. He is awesome! He’s going to University here and is from Ontario. It was really cool because the whole conversation was pretty natural and as Sister Varela and I started talking about YSA and church he was pretty interested. Hopefully we will be able to meet with him this week!
A quick update on P- he is awesome! And just loves the Book of Mormon and always loves learning more! It’s really cool because whenever we teach him something he goes and applies it and then tells us how much it helped him! He even came to church this Sunday even though the day before he was in the hospital because he blacked out from playing soccer. Probably should have been getting better but he sure is dedicated! It’s great!
Well, I love you all and am grateful for your examples. It’s amazing to see the hand of God working with His children. I know that God performs miracles when we obey and follow what He asks us to do. It’s a pretty good deal we get!
Have a great week!
Sister Godfrey 🙂

August 19 – Cheesecake! (I’ll explain when I get home)

20 Aug
Hello!!! This has been a fun week! First of all, thank you so much for your letters they mean the world to me. It’s always good to hear from you!

Time just keeps flying by like crazy! I honestly don’t remember what happened in this past week- it’s all a blur and just seems so long ago to remember haha. But we did have an awesome zone conference last Tuesday. We were able to see and hear from our new Mission President, President Patrick (who was one of the stake president’s in the missionary broadcast thingy a while back). He is going to be great! It’s all about being exactly obedient and living the higher law. I like that a lot. It goes for everything. Instead of seeing if you can get by or make it you decide to never get close to the line of right or wrong. I’ve really been trying to do that ever since the beginning. It’s so true that with exact obedience comes miracles. The Lord will always bless us when we do what is right!
One thing that is really changing and I’m sure you’ve all seen for yourself is the shift of missionary work. It’s all about the members! How neat is that!? We are changing the shift to working and strengthening our members and then through and with them to teach their friends and then come and assist us more. We have also been doing a lot of less active work. It’s awesome! Every family, whether long time members or less actives- everyone, has something to further themselves and work towards. I don’t think that makes sense but oh well ha. I read something this week that was so cool with challenging members to do. And it was so easy! It simply suggests to say twice a week, “… that’s why I love my church!” How simple is that!? I love it. Try it!
Okay, a quick story. We went to visit this one less active woman. We started teaching about the story of the tree of life but it just wasn’t working. There was tension and she wasn’t very focused on our message. Then my companion felt an impression to say, “The real reason we are here is because the Bishop is worried about you and wants you to come back to church.” Things started changing. And it wasn’t easy to keep going because we didn’t want to offend her in any way. I was a bit scared but asked her directly, “What’s been holding you back from coming to church?”. She opened right up! From that we were able to reach her. It was really cool. The Spirit definitely was leading and guiding us.
It’s so amazing to be a part of God’s work. I realize more and more that it’s not me doing any of this work. It’s all God and the only effective teacher is the Spirit. I am simply a mouth piece and a servant of the Lord. I love it. I love being able to feel the power of God as long as I strive to live worthy of the Spirit. There are so many miracles and so many more to come! I know that this is the only true and living gospel and that with God we are magnified in our callings, whatever the Lord has in store for us. Though it’s not always easy to submit to His will, it’s worth it. I read in a talk a couple weeks ago, “We can only make ourselves a smudge, but God can make us a God”. That is where we want to be!
I love you all so much. Thank you for everything. Keep up the great work and keep smiling! Have an AMAZING week!


2013-08-05 Lebanese FoodLebanese food! (which btw, the food is super fun here. Last week we had Lebanese food, Vietnamese food, Guatemalan food and Dominican Republic food! And I got some recipes! – sorry the picture is blurry)

August 12 – Another good week!

12 Aug
Okay, sorry, I really don’t have much time this week. But it sounds like you had an awesome week! I’m glad that you did and had awesome weather to enjoy time with the family. I was praying for you all to have a good time. Glad ya did! And Eliza!! She is just the cutest thing in the ENTIRE world!!!! I just love her so much!

IMG_0242(Squirrels are crazy here.)

Okay, so this week, we have had good weather! And Dad, I am slowly getting use to the humidity haha. We had an awesome lesson with P this week. He is just so enthusiastic about the gospel. He was telling us about the story of Nephi and just relating the whole thing to us for him. It was awesome. He was like “You know when Nephi went and…. that’s kinda like for me when…” or “It was so funny when he came out and his brothers didn’t know who he was”. He’s awesome.

Also, this week we really learned that Heavenly Father puts you in places where you need to be when you need to be there. We had this lesson fall through with one of our investigators. We were pretty bummed out but then we had a back up plan to go visit this one less active. We got there and she was there! And it was just at the perfect time. She had just found out the day before she was battling cancer and was so shaken up. We were able to be there to comfort her and give her help.
IMG_0245(Our street!)

Okay, got to go. Love you all! You are awesome! Thanks for everything you do. I really appreciate it!

Sister Godfrey

August 5 – The World is Full of Beautiful Things, Like You!

12 Aug
Wow! I can’t believe it’s already been another week. That is the most beautiful and exciting thing that Eliza had her blessing! A few weeks ago there was a baby blessed here in our ward. Even though it was in some African language, the spirit was so strong and I couldn’t help but think of sweet Eliza! She is just SO cute! Also, I just love hearing from all of you guys. It really is the greatest! Sorry I can’t respond back more personally but just know that I love ya!

2013-08-05 The best way to get in

(It’s always best when apartments don’t have doors on them. Best way to get in!)
I have got to tell you about one of my investigators. Her name is S (hahah. So secretive!) She is a young single mother and has the sweetest Spirit and such a pure heart. Let me tell you how she was found (she was a pass off from some Elders). She was on the metros one day with her daughter and was thinking about what happens after this life (she says she has some anxiety about what happens after this life) when a missionary came up to her and started talking… she took that as a sign.
We’ve only had one lesson with her so far and when we started talking she was like “I stopped smoking yesterday because I knew Mormons didn’t smoke”.We were surprised but completely happy. She was raised Catholic but she says she doesn’t feel comfortable and wants something different.  She has had a rough past and feels a lot guilt. We told her that there was a way that all that guilt could go away and she could have a new start. I asked her how she would feel if that was true. She was almost breathless and said “wonderful”. It was amazing! She is just so ready and so willing and just wants to start a new life and change things around. Also, S told us she was going to go to church (a different one on the Island because that was the area she was going to be on that Sunday). We called her last night and she just LOVED church (she was a bit nervous about it)! She said that some of the testimonies that people gave spoke right to her and were beautiful. She cried. We have a meeting tonight! I can’t wait. Her question she had for us was simply, “I want to know what I need to do to get baptized”. Yep. Crazy awesome eh! Heavenly Father is just so amazing. He truly is preparing people. It’s a wonderful thing to be a part of. I LOVE IT!

2013-08-05 Espindola Family(Espindola Family. They are great! We had the privledge of showing them how to have FHE. We had it on service and got them to make cookies and give them to someone.) 

I love you all so much. Things are great here. It thankfully hasn’t been too humid so thankfully I’m still alive. But sometimes it just starts raining and when it rains it’s like a monsoon! Haha. Sister Varela and I have a lot of fun. Keep being great examples of Christ! It is such a blessing to have this gospel.
Oh! Btw, Sister Mimi came to my ward last week! It was a great surprise haha! She’s awesome. In gospel principles she came and was introducing herself and that she knew “Andrea”. She kept using my name and Sister Varela and I were like “Sister Godfrey! It’s Sister Godfrey!” It was pretty funny. I just love Sister Mimi!
Alrighty, this is pretty long… ah well. You just have to put up with me. I love you! Have an amazing week! Say hi to everyone for me at Mara Lake. Too bad you aren’t here in Montreal cause we’re doing some pretty awesome stuff. That’s alright though, Mara Lake is okay. LOVE YA!
P.S. Say hi to Eliza for me! And keep sending me pictures (Thanks Dad!).
Sister Godfrey  <— how neat is that!?!