July 29 – Another fabulous week in Montreal

29 Jul
Alrighty! What a miracle week! Where to even start?!?! I never know ha. But let’s see… first I want to tell you about P (hopefully I haven’t used that letter yet). He is awesome! We contacted him on the metros one day and gave him a pamphlet and our card. Usually you will never hear from them again so we didn’t think anything of it. A couple days later we got a call from this guy… it was the same guy! He started telling us that he usually never accepts anything religious from people because he has had such negative experiences with religion in the past. But for some reason he did that day. The next day he had a hard day and he decided to read the pamphlet (it was on the Plan of Salvation). He said he couldn’t believe it- what he read was exactly what he had thought was the truth but whenever he told someone they said he was crazy and that it wasn’t true. He asked us if we would be willing to meet with him- of course we said yes!

Our lesson with him was amazing! The Spirit was so strong and we had an awesome member that was willing to come with us. We taught about our purpose here on earth, where we came from and what happens to us after this life. He was like “Yeah, that’s exactly what I believed… I had just never heard of it before.” It was so cool! God had definitely prepared him- how amazing is that!? We’ve since had another lesson with him about the restoration of this gospel. It was the coolest thing- he already has a great beginning of his own testimony. One of my favourite things was when he explained to us his story/journey and he said, “When I found you guys it just felt right. After our first meeting I felt so happy and good. The next day at work my friends asked me “Why are you so happy?”” Haha it was fantastic! I just love this work and love our investigators. They are the greatest!
I have so many more stories that I wish I could tell you about but time is always short haha. I have really seen that without the power of the Holy Ghost you cannot teach to someone with power and love. It is when we bare our testimonies of what we know that they can feel the truth of this gospel. It breaks my heart to see how people don’t know of such simple truths I took for granted before, such as our purpose here on earth, where we go after this life and that we can live with those we love again. The gospel is amazing! I love it so much and know without a doubt that this is God’s church- the same church that Jesus Christ established has been restored and that we have a prophet once again upon the earth. How great and how marvelous! How great is this knowledge we have! These people, everyone- our friends, neighbours, strangers, anyone- deserve to know this too. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to serve a full time mission for the Lord- it is a humbling and marvelous work! The Lord needs everyone to help share his gospel- it is through the small and simple things that the Lord carries forth his work to confound the wise. Don’t be afraid, God is always there- D&C 84:88
I love you all so very much. You are in my prayers and I know that Heavenly Father is watching over you. Sorry, hopefully this wasn’t too long ha. Have a great week. Thank you so much for your letters and support. You are amazing! Seriously, I just LOVE ya!
Sister Godfrey

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