July 22, 2013 – Because I love the Lord!

22 Jul
Hola familia! I miss my Spanish (which is so very little now because I don’t use it all the time- but usually at least once a day) so there ya are! Alrighty, first I am soooo happy to hear from you each week. You’re the best! Hmmm… where to start?

Well, this week has been pretty fun. We had some pretty crazy humidity and some fun flash rain (it looks like someone is just dumping pails of water haha). I had a fun experience on the bus the other day. Usually on the bus or metros I just talk to everyone but when I got on I had this clear impression to go talk to this one man. At first I was trying to think of some way to start a conversation (but I’ve come to realize that if you’re comfortable then you’re doing something wrong ha) and I couldn’t think of anything. But I knew that I had to talk to him. So I just went up and started talking to him. It turns out that he was Catholic Orthodox but he stopped going to church a few years ago because he had a bunch of questions about God and religion that no one could answer. I was like “Sweet!” It was awesome, I was like “Actually as missionaries that’s exactly what we do. We can help answer those questions”. It was pretty cool. It’s really all by the Spirit that missionary work is done. I am so grateful to be a servant of God worthy enough to have the Spirit work through me to help others come unto Christ.
Another miracle this week (there was a lot)… We went to church yesterday and couldn’t get ahold of our investigators and people that we wanted to on Saturday so we didn’t know who would show up. We had one of our investigators there and were waiting to see if anyone else would show up. Church started and (so heartbreaking!) I was up by the piano (haha thanks Mom for making me practice piano- I’ve played SO much lately. I’m not very good at the songs I don’t know but it’s a blessing to help out the ward when they need it- and I just love playing) so I could see that no one else was there. I said another quick prayer to Heavenly Father and you wouldn’t believe it! In walked M and then another investigator and then another! It was the best thing ever!!! It was definitely a miracle to have the ones we did at church. I was so happy!
One of the speakers on Sunday gave a really good talk which I loved. He actually served in the Vancouver Mission (forget his name and didn’t have time to ask where he served) and shared an experience he had in an interview with his Mission President. His Mission President asked him why he was serving a mission. He replied by saying because he was blessed so much because of the church and he wanted to share that happiness and blessings with others so they could have it too. I was thinking “Yeah, that’s exactly why I’m here too.” Then his mission president told him that was good and asked him if he wanted to know why he was there. Of course he said yes. His Mission President simply said “Because I love the Lord”. I thought that was pretty profound. I love that! That should be the reason and the first reason why we do anything! Having that attitude and sincere way of serving (with/in anything) really gives a lot of strength and courage. I love it!
Anyways, there’s always about a million things I wish I could write but I’ll just have to tell you later. I love you all so much. Thank you so much for everything you do! You are such great examples and always give me so much strength and courage. Have an amazing week! I LOVE YOU!
Sister Godfrey
P.S. Oh maybe I should tell you. Transfers came this week!!!!!! Guess what?!?!?!? I’m going to……. MONTREAL! Yep. Same place, same companion. It’s going to be SO awesome! But seriously, Sister Varela and I are super excited and so happy to be together and able to serve in Montreal still- there’s so much to do! Sister Varela is awesome. Seriously, I don’t say it enough. I really do have the best companion ever. She just leads by example and teaches me so much. She gives me a lot of courage and is so dedicated! It’s the greatest!

These pictures were taken last Monday in Old Montreal. It is soooo pretty!

2013-07-22 22013-07-22 32013-07-22 62013-07-22 4


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