July 15 – C’est la Soeur Missionarie!

15 Jul

Hey! It is so good to hear from you! Seriously, it fuels me and brightens my day. This week has been pretty good. We had a lot of fun service opportunities this week which is always great! Unfortunately we had to pass off a lot of our investigators for various reasons but we are excited to go out and find some more! We have been getting a lot more referrals lately which is such a blessing!

One of those referrals was this woman who has the biggest heart and so much hope (I think that’s the right word to use). She has come from a past that would make you cry. But even after all she has been through she still has not given up on God. I think that is amazing. She doesn’t have much in her life that is good. But as we begin to teach her and as she begins to learn and accept the gospel of Jesus Christ in her life I have seen a light that has been lit inside her- it is beautiful to see it begin to grow! She came to church yesterday and just loved it! She felt so welcomed and loved (our members were great at saying hi to her and being her friend). She loves it! It’s really cool to see how the people at church are our family.
We also helped M move this week. I just love her so much! Seriously, I wish you could all meet her- you’d love her! It was a great opportunity to move her because not only did we get to help her out but we got to know her a lot more in a way that couldn’t have been done another way. We then also had her over at a great members home for supper. There was a great feeling of the Spirit in their home. It was wonderful to see the Spirit work within her. In our lesson I had planned to share this one scripture but instead felt impressed to share how I gained a testimony of The Book of Mormon with her. The power of the Holy Ghost was really strong and she was touched by what we shared with her. It was almost as if a light bulb went on inside of her- I must say it was pretty cool!
Montreal is doing great! In fact today we are going to head off to Old Montreal (be ready for a whole bunch of pictures next week!). And the best part…. it is suppose to get to 40 Celsius with the humidity! Hahaha… I might be withered by the end of the day, but eh, sounds like a fun adventure to me!IMG_0073This is where we walk pretty much every day. It’s from the metro to the church on our way home. The church is the steeple on the left. The sunset was beautiful (doesn’t do it justice in the picture but its still nice).

Well, I love you all so much. Thank you for being so supportive and loving- you’re the best! And I mean it. I hope you all have a great week! Thanks for your great examples of faith and strong testimonies. Keep on letting your light shine! LOVE YOU!

Sister Godfrey

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