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July 29 – Another fabulous week in Montreal

29 Jul
Alrighty! What a miracle week! Where to even start?!?! I never know ha. But let’s see… first I want to tell you about P (hopefully I haven’t used that letter yet). He is awesome! We contacted him on the metros one day and gave him a pamphlet and our card. Usually you will never hear from them again so we didn’t think anything of it. A couple days later we got a call from this guy… it was the same guy! He started telling us that he usually never accepts anything religious from people because he has had such negative experiences with religion in the past. But for some reason he did that day. The next day he had a hard day and he decided to read the pamphlet (it was on the Plan of Salvation). He said he couldn’t believe it- what he read was exactly what he had thought was the truth but whenever he told someone they said he was crazy and that it wasn’t true. He asked us if we would be willing to meet with him- of course we said yes!

Our lesson with him was amazing! The Spirit was so strong and we had an awesome member that was willing to come with us. We taught about our purpose here on earth, where we came from and what happens to us after this life. He was like “Yeah, that’s exactly what I believed… I had just never heard of it before.” It was so cool! God had definitely prepared him- how amazing is that!? We’ve since had another lesson with him about the restoration of this gospel. It was the coolest thing- he already has a great beginning of his own testimony. One of my favourite things was when he explained to us his story/journey and he said, “When I found you guys it just felt right. After our first meeting I felt so happy and good. The next day at work my friends asked me “Why are you so happy?”” Haha it was fantastic! I just love this work and love our investigators. They are the greatest!
I have so many more stories that I wish I could tell you about but time is always short haha. I have really seen that without the power of the Holy Ghost you cannot teach to someone with power and love. It is when we bare our testimonies of what we know that they can feel the truth of this gospel. It breaks my heart to see how people don’t know of such simple truths I took for granted before, such as our purpose here on earth, where we go after this life and that we can live with those we love again. The gospel is amazing! I love it so much and know without a doubt that this is God’s church- the same church that Jesus Christ established has been restored and that we have a prophet once again upon the earth. How great and how marvelous! How great is this knowledge we have! These people, everyone- our friends, neighbours, strangers, anyone- deserve to know this too. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to serve a full time mission for the Lord- it is a humbling and marvelous work! The Lord needs everyone to help share his gospel- it is through the small and simple things that the Lord carries forth his work to confound the wise. Don’t be afraid, God is always there- D&C 84:88
I love you all so very much. You are in my prayers and I know that Heavenly Father is watching over you. Sorry, hopefully this wasn’t too long ha. Have a great week. Thank you so much for your letters and support. You are amazing! Seriously, I just LOVE ya!
Sister Godfrey

July 22, 2013 – Because I love the Lord!

22 Jul
Hola familia! I miss my Spanish (which is so very little now because I don’t use it all the time- but usually at least once a day) so there ya are! Alrighty, first I am soooo happy to hear from you each week. You’re the best! Hmmm… where to start?

Well, this week has been pretty fun. We had some pretty crazy humidity and some fun flash rain (it looks like someone is just dumping pails of water haha). I had a fun experience on the bus the other day. Usually on the bus or metros I just talk to everyone but when I got on I had this clear impression to go talk to this one man. At first I was trying to think of some way to start a conversation (but I’ve come to realize that if you’re comfortable then you’re doing something wrong ha) and I couldn’t think of anything. But I knew that I had to talk to him. So I just went up and started talking to him. It turns out that he was Catholic Orthodox but he stopped going to church a few years ago because he had a bunch of questions about God and religion that no one could answer. I was like “Sweet!” It was awesome, I was like “Actually as missionaries that’s exactly what we do. We can help answer those questions”. It was pretty cool. It’s really all by the Spirit that missionary work is done. I am so grateful to be a servant of God worthy enough to have the Spirit work through me to help others come unto Christ.
Another miracle this week (there was a lot)… We went to church yesterday and couldn’t get ahold of our investigators and people that we wanted to on Saturday so we didn’t know who would show up. We had one of our investigators there and were waiting to see if anyone else would show up. Church started and (so heartbreaking!) I was up by the piano (haha thanks Mom for making me practice piano- I’ve played SO much lately. I’m not very good at the songs I don’t know but it’s a blessing to help out the ward when they need it- and I just love playing) so I could see that no one else was there. I said another quick prayer to Heavenly Father and you wouldn’t believe it! In walked M and then another investigator and then another! It was the best thing ever!!! It was definitely a miracle to have the ones we did at church. I was so happy!
One of the speakers on Sunday gave a really good talk which I loved. He actually served in the Vancouver Mission (forget his name and didn’t have time to ask where he served) and shared an experience he had in an interview with his Mission President. His Mission President asked him why he was serving a mission. He replied by saying because he was blessed so much because of the church and he wanted to share that happiness and blessings with others so they could have it too. I was thinking “Yeah, that’s exactly why I’m here too.” Then his mission president told him that was good and asked him if he wanted to know why he was there. Of course he said yes. His Mission President simply said “Because I love the Lord”. I thought that was pretty profound. I love that! That should be the reason and the first reason why we do anything! Having that attitude and sincere way of serving (with/in anything) really gives a lot of strength and courage. I love it!
Anyways, there’s always about a million things I wish I could write but I’ll just have to tell you later. I love you all so much. Thank you so much for everything you do! You are such great examples and always give me so much strength and courage. Have an amazing week! I LOVE YOU!
Sister Godfrey
P.S. Oh maybe I should tell you. Transfers came this week!!!!!! Guess what?!?!?!? I’m going to……. MONTREAL! Yep. Same place, same companion. It’s going to be SO awesome! But seriously, Sister Varela and I are super excited and so happy to be together and able to serve in Montreal still- there’s so much to do! Sister Varela is awesome. Seriously, I don’t say it enough. I really do have the best companion ever. She just leads by example and teaches me so much. She gives me a lot of courage and is so dedicated! It’s the greatest!

These pictures were taken last Monday in Old Montreal. It is soooo pretty!

2013-07-22 22013-07-22 32013-07-22 62013-07-22 4

July 15 – C’est la Soeur Missionarie!

15 Jul

Hey! It is so good to hear from you! Seriously, it fuels me and brightens my day. This week has been pretty good. We had a lot of fun service opportunities this week which is always great! Unfortunately we had to pass off a lot of our investigators for various reasons but we are excited to go out and find some more! We have been getting a lot more referrals lately which is such a blessing!

One of those referrals was this woman who has the biggest heart and so much hope (I think that’s the right word to use). She has come from a past that would make you cry. But even after all she has been through she still has not given up on God. I think that is amazing. She doesn’t have much in her life that is good. But as we begin to teach her and as she begins to learn and accept the gospel of Jesus Christ in her life I have seen a light that has been lit inside her- it is beautiful to see it begin to grow! She came to church yesterday and just loved it! She felt so welcomed and loved (our members were great at saying hi to her and being her friend). She loves it! It’s really cool to see how the people at church are our family.
We also helped M move this week. I just love her so much! Seriously, I wish you could all meet her- you’d love her! It was a great opportunity to move her because not only did we get to help her out but we got to know her a lot more in a way that couldn’t have been done another way. We then also had her over at a great members home for supper. There was a great feeling of the Spirit in their home. It was wonderful to see the Spirit work within her. In our lesson I had planned to share this one scripture but instead felt impressed to share how I gained a testimony of The Book of Mormon with her. The power of the Holy Ghost was really strong and she was touched by what we shared with her. It was almost as if a light bulb went on inside of her- I must say it was pretty cool!
Montreal is doing great! In fact today we are going to head off to Old Montreal (be ready for a whole bunch of pictures next week!). And the best part…. it is suppose to get to 40 Celsius with the humidity! Hahaha… I might be withered by the end of the day, but eh, sounds like a fun adventure to me!IMG_0073This is where we walk pretty much every day. It’s from the metro to the church on our way home. The church is the steeple on the left. The sunset was beautiful (doesn’t do it justice in the picture but its still nice).

Well, I love you all so much. Thank you for being so supportive and loving- you’re the best! And I mean it. I hope you all have a great week! Thanks for your great examples of faith and strong testimonies. Keep on letting your light shine! LOVE YOU!

Sister Godfrey

July 8 – I’M AN AUNT!!!!!!

8 Jul
Well, guess what…. I AM AN AUNT! I HAVE A BEAUTIFUL NIECE NAMED ELIZA MAE GODFREY. She was born July 3, 2013 at 9:48am weighed 8lbs. 1oz.  Pretty fantastic eh.  I am pretty much speachless and in complete awe. She is the most beautiful and precious little girl in the world. I just absolutely adore her! It’s one of the greatest feelings to be an Aunt. Almost seems unreal. I am so blessed and honoured. I love her. Congrats Matthew and Theresa! She’s got the best parents ever!

2013-07-08 finding out I'm an aunt (tearing up in the Apple Store)(tearing up in the Apple Store when I found out I’m an aunt). 
Well, I don’t think anything really compares to that ha. But seriously. Let me see… this week has been pretty good. We were able to meet with a lot more potential investigators this week. There are some pretty cool people. It’s amazing to see how everyone comes from such different backgrounds and lives. The gospel changes everyone and always for the better. That’s what is so neat about the gospel. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, God loves everyone and has given us a way to have more happiness than we could ever dream of. It takes effort and work but it is worth it- it’s always worth it!
I’m not sure if I talked before about this one investigator but I have really come to love her. She’s so sweet and has such strong faith in Jesus Christ and God. (We’ll refer to her as M). M was an investigator a few years ago but was dropped. A former missionary who taught her got in contact with us and told us that he feels she is ready again. So we’ve been visiting and teaching her. She’s awesome. She goes to another church which she really likes so it’s hard to get her to come to church. She also hasn’t gained a testimony that The Book of Mormon is true and that’s been a big thing we’ve been trying to work with her with. We invited her to a baptism (of some Elders) and I didn’t think she’d come. But guess what!? She did! I was surprised and SO happy! And then she came to church the next day! And then to top it off she fasted that day (we had only mentioned it once before and she was like “Yeah, I don’t think I’m ready for that. Maybe sometime later”). It was so cool and definitely a miracle! I am super excited, it’s going to be great!
Anyways, Montreal has been beautiful and wonderful.2013-07-08 St Joseph's Cathedral(Saint Joseph Cathedral)2013-07-08 on the steps of St Joseph's Cathedral I love it here. And missionary work is seriously AWESOME!2013-07-08 district picture(my mission district)
I hope you all have a great week! I love you so much and am so grateful for your letters and emails. You are the best support team EVER! Love ya!
Auntie Andrea (sounds pretty awesome doesn’t it!)

July 2 – Bonne fête du Canada!!!

8 Jul

Bonjour!  Hola!  First, I’ve got to say I love you all.  Seriously, best family EVER!  And I’ve got some pretty awesome friends too.  Thanks for being so amazing.  I love ya!

This week has been adventurous in it’s own fun way.  Hmm…where to go?!  Well, the other week we had family home evening with this one family who are pretty awesome – and we did ‘Project Liahona’.  We got out a map of our area and then prayed with the family to find a street that we would go tracking on.  It was pretty fun.  And let me tell you – prayer works.  Yesterday we headed off there and we have been struggling this week on finding good potential investigators.  We went first to a park that was on that street and found this guy who was from France in Montreal for a few months with some family trying to find his way.  He was pretty cool.  We talked for about 10 minutes with him about his beliefs and views of God and religion.  It was pretty neat.  And then we walked down the street a little bit and ran into this single mother who was out on a walk.  We ended up talking with her for about 15 minutes.  At first she was pretty distracted even though she said she was interested.  And I was trying to figure out what she needed and how to reach her heart.  And then I felt impressed to talk to her about how the gospel and church has strengthened my family.  She immediately focused right into us – it was amazing.  It was exactly what she needed and wanted.  It was perfect.  I don’t know what people need exactly in their individual lives but the Holy Ghost does.  Then we decided to try this one apartment – not much success but then the last door on the last floor we found a young woman who was also interested.  It was so cool to see how that street was right where we needed to be!

I’ve got some pictures for this week. They were all taken earlier today because I took out my other memory card that was full and I forgot to bring it! Next week I’ll send some home. Today we met up with some other Sisters and went out to LaSalle. It was fun to see the river and be with other Sisters in our zone.

2013-07-02 with companion at la Salle2013-07-02 by St. Lawrence River at la Salle

We also got a new Mission President! They seem like an awesome family (they are bringing four of their children) and I am really excited to begin working with President Patrick (he was actually in the missionary broadcast last week – I think he was one of the stake presidents).

Oh, btw, HAPPY CANADA DAY EH!!!!!!  It was fun to be in Canada for it although today is our P-day.  But Sister Varela and I celebrated by buying some Smartie ice cream!2013-07-08 how we celebrated Canada Day - with my favourite dish(My favourite Canadian dish.)  SO GOOD.  I haven’t had that for awhile so that was delightful.

You know, I am so grateful to be out on a mission right now.  This is exactly right where I need to be.  Some days are tougher than others but it is so perfect.  I have really come to feel God’s love for me and for His children.  Heavenly Father truly is our Father in Heaven and loves us so much.  He’s always there.  Some ask how you can know if there truly is a God.  It’s true, you can’t tangibly hold proof, and I’ve never seen God – but I have felt His presence and in my heart felt so much peace and happiness that I know is from nothing other than God, otherwise, I wouldn’t be out here in Quebec doing what I’m doing.  But I know there is a God, that Jesus is the Christ and through Him we can be cleansed from our mistakes and guilt.  I know that The Book of Mormon is the word of God and that there is a real power in it and that comes from sincerely studying it.  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is truly God’s church and that we have a living Prophet of God on the earth today.  This work is amazing.  I love being a missionary.  And most of all I love being able to share this joy with others.  There is nothing I’d rather be doing right now.  I love God.

I hope you are all doing wonderful.  I love you all so much.  You are such great examples to me.  Theresa and Matt – hang in there (haha I don’t know what kind of advice to give ha) but you’re going to have the BEST BABY IN THE WORLD (well, at least until me, sorry) and I AM SUPER SUPER EXCITED!!!!  Wahoo!  Go get em!  Nathan and Todd – don’t get married until I’m home thanks.  But you can have fun and go longboarding (and buy me a loaded for when I get back).  Mom – YOU ROCK!  But seriously, you really do.  I got your package – exactly what I needed (it made my day!!!).  Keep up your great work and example!  You are doing amazing.  Dad – how was your trip and iron man training going?!  I hope you are doing great!  And I meant every single thing that I sent you.  I LOVE YOU ALL!  Have a fantastic week and go do something awesome (like missionary work ha – but seriously).


Soeur Godfrey (everyone thinks that we are nuns haha – kinda weird).