June 7 – Montreal bound!

8 Jun

Sunday temple walk with MTC Zone.IMG_0806IMG_0801

Alrighty… guess what?!?! I’M GOING TO MONTREAL! I will be there on Tuesday and am SO so soooooooo excited! Nervous for sure but my excitement to get to work in Quebec or wherever I am assigned definitely beats my fear! I even met a lot of the people (there are 10 in our Montreal traveling group) going to my Mission. They seem like very hardworking, excited and fun missionaries. Montreal better watch out! This week (well I can’t even remember what happened haha) has been great! I have really felt the tender mercies of the Lord and how mindful He is of His children. Last night as a class we had the opportunity to team teach (a companionship at a time- Oh Dad, to finally answer your question, No the investigators are usually our teachers. For the first one we don’t know that they will be our teacher. They play the role of an investigator they had on their mission. At first I was like “this is silly cause it’s not real” but as you really begin to put yourself in a missionary mindset it becomes so real. The “investigator” may not be real but the people and their stories are. It’s really cool. And I’m really glad they are real (well kind of). It would be cool but my poor Spanish (especially in the beginning) would probably not help them haha. But I guess it wouldn’t matter cause it’s the spirit that matters most) our first investigator. It was amazing to see how far we have all come in our language, testimonies and as missionaries. I loved it so much! My companionship got to teach the Great Apostasy and the Restoration (the restoration is one of my favourite things to teach-it’s so powerful). The Spirit was so strong in the lesson and as we taught. I definitely feel led by the Lord when I teach. (side note of something I thought was funny. The Elders before us used this one scripture and I didn’t understand (understanding spanish is a difficulty for me) that they apparently used the scripture that I had planned and because I didn’t catch on I used it again! Haha. But it was still good because it all worked well together)  When we got to the story of Joseph Smith, reciting the first vision (my companion did it this time) was so powerful! I truly know that Joseph Smith saw God the Father and His son, Jesus Christ. How remarkable is that! Once again, the gospel of Jesus Christ was restored upon the earth! And now because of that as members of His church we can receive the blessings and joy that comes from living the path that God has told us to do.
I’m sure you have all found out by now about the Church announcement of June 23rd! If you don’t, get on it because seriously GET READY! It’s going to be awesome! There is so much talk about it lately. They are getting over a thousand missionaries to sing in the choir (so sad that I will not be able to participate in that- oh well) and I’m pretty sure all of the missionaries will be at the centre for the annoucement. All of the apostles and the Prophet and his counsellors will be there. It’s going to be big! Apparently there’s been rumour that it is going to be the biggest annoucement about missionary work in this dispensation- crazy I know! I am SUPER excited for it! I just want to know right now what it is haha! But please, please, PLEASE, be there for the annoucement (well the broadcast). Dad, get all the young men there. I know that whatever it is is very important. God is hastening His work. Haha wouldn’t that be funny if it wasn’t even that big now that I’ve said all this.
Yesterday we had in-field training here and I learnt a lot. A HUGE part of missionary work is help from the members. Our work as missionaries to really grow depends SO much on members. We need their help. I really wish I was a better member missionary before my mission. I am grateful that I was a good example and that is a big part but I challenge you to become better member missionaries. Make a goal as a family or individually to invite a friend to an activity or something and then give yourself a set date to have it done by. Tell the missionaries- they WILL help you and encourage you and even PRAY for you! I am so glad you are such great examples to others as well as me. I appreciate it and look up to you. I know that because of the gospel of Jesus Christ I am so happy and that I can find peace and joy throughout the difficult times of life. There are so many blessings that come from being a member of His church and it is such an amazing opportunity to share that joy with others! Missionary work is the BEST!
Thanks for all your emails and letters. I really appreciate and LOVE hearing from you! I wish I had time to respond individually but I don’t so once again here’s your personal hi: HOLA! I love you! Have a great week and keep your faith in God strong!
Hermana Godfrey
Hermana Fors – my awesome teacher and “Isabel” one of my investigators as well.

IMG_0833IMG_0829Feeling like pilots with these headsets that we use for lessons on the computer.IMG_0798


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