May 17, 2013

18 May

Thanks again for all your emails and stuff.  I just LOVE it!  This week has once again gone by so fast!  It’s been so awesome!  It’s hard to remember everything haha.  But guess what?!?!  On Sunday Elder Nelson himself came and gave a devotional at the MTC.  It was AWESOME!  I feel like I’ve seen so many Mormon celebrities these past two weeks.  We also had Sister Janice Kapp Perry come and speak for our Relief Society meeting and Chad Lewis came and gave a talk (it was incredible).

Well, the language is actually coming.  Yesterday I finished memorizing Joseph Smith’s first vision in Spanish!  Today and tomorrow I’m going to memorize the baptismal invitation.  We finished with our first investigator and now have two new ones.  I’ve got to tell you about one of them.  Her name is Esmerelda.  She is my favourite (I’m not sure if you’re allowed to have favourites but I just love her.  Well, I love all of them but still).  She is so SO SOOOO stubborn!  I don’t love that but she is seriously so closed off.  Our first lesson with her (we’ve only had two lessons so far) was a disaster.  Seriously, pathetic, she asked us this one question and both me and my companion kind of froze and anything we tried to say just didn’t work (it also didn’t help that it was in Spanish haha).  Anyways, it wasn’t good.  I was so scared to teach her again because I didn’t know if she would take anything we said.  But I just studied and prepared so hard for our next lesson, and prayed A LOT.  We went in there and I just asked her questions.  Then I showed her scriptures and testified that Jesus Christ lived and that Heavenly Father loved her and knew her and wanted her to be happy.  She said she thought that he did but could never feel it.  At the end of the lesson I told her that she had to pray and ask God to find out for herself.  We got on our knees right then and she was so hesitant and scared but she did it.  It was amazing.  I have never felt this way before in my life but I could feel God’s love for her SO strongly.  I just started praying to Heavenly Father, pleading and begging, that she would feel it, that she would feel something and know that it was true.  The Spirit was so strong.  After the prayer I asked her what she felt.  She said she didn’t know how to explain it.  We told her that the Spirit speaks to us in quiet, calm and peaceful ways.  I know she felt it and I know she knew it too.  I can’t wait to teach her again.  I just love her so much.  I can’t wait to get to Montreal!!!!  Seriously, it was pretty amazing.

I know that there is so much peace and happiness in the gospel of Jesus Christ.  This is the true church of God.  He lives and loves us.  I know that there is a God.  He is real and there is no way I can deny that.  There is just too much joy and happiness when we live the way He has told us to.  Stay strong.  I love you all.  Have an awesome week!  And go eat some ketchup chips for me!


Hermana Godfrey


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