May 10, 2013 – Tiene Fe!

14 May

I can’t believe it’s already been over a week!  It feels like I’ve just got here yesterday.  But I’ve learnt so much already!  The days are so long and the weeks so short!  It’s crazy and awesome!  I love it!  It has seriously been so hard at times.  The language is a bit overwhelming (actually a lot haha), but having entered the MTC knowing about 3 words of Spanish I’ve learnt SO much!  My companion and I taught our first MTC investigator starting last Friday and we’ve had four lessons with her (her name is Yoana – it’s just role play but it’s very very very real).  We can only speak Spanish to her because that’s all she knows.  The first lesson (we have 30 minutes to teach her each time) we just sat there trying to say things and there was like 10 minute silences haha.  But we have learnt so much and each time we have taught we get so much better (including our Spanish!)  It’s awesome!  Our last lesson with her was my absolute favourite.  My companion and I had planned to teach her of how Jesus Christ restored His true church through Joseph Smith.  I still know next to nothing but I was able to tell her, answer her questions and explain it all to her.  And the Spirit was there as I testified of the truthfullness of the gospel!  It was so strong!  And then right after we taught her about it we got her to pray, right there and then, to know if it was true.  She felt the Spirit (we had to explain it to her) and then (it was so scary!!!) we asked her to be baptized.  And guess what?!?!  SHE SAID YES!!!!  Best feeling ever!!!!  It was funny because my companion asked and Yoana said some stuff right after we asked her and I thought she said yes but I wasn’t for sure.  I just looked over at Hermana Lewis and was like “Was that a yes?”  Haha.  But she was getting baptized!  And then the next day….she became our teacher!  Haha.  That was weird but it will be just wonderful!  I love our teachers so much!

My district is AWESOME!  I wish you could all meet them.  They are so much fun and so spiritual and so excited just like me!  It’s great!  We have really grown a lot closer this past week, especially my companion and I.  It’s great.  Hermana Lewis and I work so well together.  I’ve been working on memorizing stuff in Spanish.  I’m doing the first vision today!  It’s so hard learning it all but I have seen miracles already and it’s wonderful.  The Spirit is so strong here at the MTC!  Just everywhere you go you feel it.  The devotionals and teachers are amazing and really bring the Spirit into learning (afterall the spirit is the real teacher).  We lost one of our teachers who was amazing and had such a powerful and sincere testimony of the gospel.  He (Hermono Galvez) is leaving to go back to see his family in Guatemala (he hasn’t seen them in 3 1/2 years).  We’re going to miss him but it’s what he needs to do.  We have a lot of other awesome teachers (I think we just have Sister teachers now).  They are so powerful and amazing!  It’s just the greatest thing ever!  I have to say though, the food isn’t very good haha.  I think food has lost it’s appeal after about 2 days (Mom, I would die for one of your meals!  18 months!)

I love you all SO MUCH!  You’re always in my prayers.  Thanks for your examples and writing me (they are honestly the greatest thing ever.  It’s pretty much the best thing ever)!  You are awesome!  Love you!  HAVE AN AWESOME WEEK!


Hermana Godfrey


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